Brigham Young’s Complicity in Mountain Meadows Massacre

15 February

On September 11, 1857, one hundred and twenty innocent, and unarmed men, women, and children were ambushed by blood-thirsty Mormons lying in wait for their intended victims.

In the end, only one man was brought to trial, and subsequently executed for the horrendous deed. John D. Lee became the unwitting fall guy for Brigham and his henchmen. Because of the power Brigham Young wielded in the territory, he came out unscathed from the ordeal, albeit, the Feds knew better while looking the other way.

At the time of America’s first 9/11, Utah was under great duress. Between polygamy, and Young’s unwillingness to obey the law, everyone from the US President on down, were fed up with the shenanigans. They sent a barrage of armies, and other law enforcement agencies in to corral the behavior.

The more people they sent in, the nastier Brigham vocabulary became. Mr. Young felt he was running an autocratic society who didn’t need, nor want, intervention from outside forces. It all came to a head with Mountain Meadows.

While Brigham claimed his innocence throughout the ordeal, several comments he made in speeches show the total depravity of his behavior, and obvious complicity. We’re listing one of those today, followed by a quote from one of his bodyguards, Bill Hickman, who pointed the finger directly at Brigham.

Two days after the massacre, Brigham is quoted in his Sunday morning sermon –

Journal of Discourses 5:236; “I want the people in the west and in the east to understand that it will not be safe for them to cross the Plains…” – Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, Sunday, September 13, 1857

If Brigham wasn’t guilty, why would he say such a thing, and why would Hickman make a damning statement like he did?

Brigham’s Destroying Angel, Confessions of Bill  Hickman, p. 174;

“He [Brigham Young] professed great ignorance; but I knew no such raids dared be made without his orders.”– Bill Hickman; Mormon Danite; 1870

One thing is for certain.

These people had as much respect for God, as they did the dirt beneath their feet.

Pray for those who are still enamored by this man, and for their eyes to be opened to truth.

Proverbs 29:1; “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, Shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

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One Response to “Brigham Young’s Complicity in Mountain Meadows Massacre”

  1. Anonymous February 15, 2018 at 8:46 am #

    The core mormon doctrine has not changed since that great atrocity . They still place Joseph Smith above and higher than JESUS CHRIST . They continue to practice their top secret and illegal occult crimes , in their exclusive and elite priesthood ” circles ” . Most of what upper echelon do is for profit & gain and good public relations . The rank and file trust their leadership before and over GOD . This same type of treachery and betrayal they will do again to the mundane ” gentiles ” , before the end of days . — It was exactly 144 years , to the day , between that butchery and our modern day 911 carnage ( September 11 ) . That is not an accidental occurrence . The numbers 144 and 1000 are sacred to the devil’s numerology . The number 144,000 is found in THE HOLY BIBLE and they – the illuminati alliance – hate and mock it . ( The enemies of JESUS know the prophecies of the scriptures much better than those who can be called christians , because the luciferians study and are dedicated to the fight to overthrow THE TRUE GOD . ) — It was a blood sacrifice of supposed revenge and a secret combination robbery . That Arkansas wagon train was the richest that ever crossed the plains . The bulk of the company were pious and prosperous christians with the treasure of goods , money , jewels , and high breed livestock ( horses and cattle ) . After the massacre all the property was seized and stolen . ( All the dead bodies , especially the women , were searched for valuables . They were stripped , cut open , probed and left unburied for wild animals to further ravage and scatter to destroy the evidence . ) — The lds church , as an institution , has always dodged responsibility for the slaughter and has never given a real and sincere apology . In fact , the mormon false prophets & corrupt apostles have specifically disclaimed liability and just restitution . The truth is – the so called ” saints ” still bear the curse of guilt and shame for that planned mass murder and larceny . There is no statute of limitation in GOD’S accounting book . Justice will be executed upon them during the mortal judgement of GOD’S anger against the world , which is called the great tribulation . As a people or as individuals they could be forgiven , if they would do what is right . But instead they explain it away and excuse themselves and will not confess , neither seek they repentance nor restitution . They are only sorry for the bad publicity and the negative effect on the bottom line of incoming accounts ( conversions & prosperity ) . See the movie titled ” September Dawn ” , 2007 . It gives a dramatized chronicle but is accurate in it’s major points and circumstances . Follow up with study with the help of THE HOLY GHOST to find the truth as far as possible .

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