Book of Mormon the American Bible?

07 November

Book of Mormon; the American Bible?

The following LDS reference came from a speech given by Bruce McConkie in 1985. In his defense for the Book of Mormon he referred to it as the American Bible. His words were noteworthy enough for us to take heed. The Church and its members like to denounce many of McConkie’s writings and speeches, yet we can see how they deliberately used them to further their agenda. If they really had a problem with him you can be sure he’d be shut down in a hurry.

“Come: Hear the Voice of the Lord”, Ensign, December 1985; “What is the Book of Mormon? In many respects it is the most marvelous book ever prepared by prophetic hands. Call it an American Bible if you will, for it goes hand in hand with the Bible itself in announcing the mind and will of the Lord and in proclaiming the eternal plan of salvation…

It’s hard to believe the Church thinks the Bible and the Book of Mormon go hand in hand while teaching they don’t believe it’s been translated correctly – Articles of Faith #8.

Thus, the Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture. It speaks of God, of Christ, and of the gospel. It records the terms and conditions whereby salvation comes. And it does it all with a plainness, clarity, and perfection that far surpasses the Bible…

1. Here we go with slamming the word of God – that didn’t take long now did it?

2. The Book of Mormon does not contain the “fullness of the gospel” as they purport it to be. The all important ordinances of baptisms for the dead, temple marriage and polygamy are missing.

The Bible of the Old World has come to us from the manuscripts of antiquity—manuscripts which passed through the hands of uninspired men who changed many parts to suit their own doctrinal ideas. Deletions were common, and, as it now stands, many plain and precious portions and many covenants of the Lord have been lost.

1. Who were the uninspired men?

2. What parts were changed?

3. Where is the proof that portions were deleted?

4. Specifically what plain and precious parts are missing?

As a consequence, those who rely upon it alone stumble and are confused and divide themselves among many churches, all based on this or that interpretation of the Bible.

1. Specifically who has stumbled by relying solely upon the Bible? Do you have any examples?

2. Who is confused?

3. Who is divided?

On the other hand, the Bible of the New World, as I choose to designate the Book of Mormon, has been preserved for us by a divine providence which kept the ancient record in prophetic hands. Written by inspiration on plates of gold, it was hidden in the soil of Cumorah, to come forth in modern times by angelic ministration and then be translated by the gift and power of God.

1. Where are the golden plates so we can see they’ve been translated correctly?

2. Where is proof the original authors lived?

After the translation, the voice of God, speaking from heaven to witnesses chosen beforehand by him, declared two things—that the translation was correct and that the book was true. We, of course, believe the Bible as far as it has been translated correctly, but we place no such restriction on the Book of Mormon. And so it is that there has come into our hands a book that is as perfect, or near perfect, as mortal hands can make it. It is a divine book, a book like none other ever written, translated, or published…

1. The voice in heaven misspoke – the BoM has seen almost 4,000 changes to its text.

2. Oh lots of people have written books with the intent to deceive. Mr. Joseph Smith wasn’t the first and he most certainly won’t be the last unfortunately.

The images shown here all have something in common. Every single one of them have disagreed with what God said in His word and started their own religions.

Its purpose—in this godless age, when many who oppose the truth cry out that the Latter-day Saints are not Christians—is to send forth the signal that Christ is the center of that revealed religion which has come to us.

The name Christ might be in the title of the Church and that may sound like he’s the center of Mormonism; however, history bears out another story.

The god of Mormonism teaches that men aren’t saved solely through his atoning sacrifice. The god of Mormonism teaches that without evil his plans can’t be fulfilled and this is so far removed from what God has revealed to us in His word that the doctrines of Mormonism can’t be entertained as a legitimate Christian faith.

Just as truly as the New Testament, sent forth from the Old World, proclaims the divinity of God’s Son, so does this testament preserved in the New World. Indeed, it would not be amiss to say there are five gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Third Nephi.

Actually this reasoning is seriously flawed and known as heresy in the Bible!

And the witness is as sure—the testimony as fervent, the doctrine as sound—in the new word that comes from the Western Hemisphere as in the old word from Palestine…” – Bruce McConkie

This man just contradicted himself by saying the doctrine from Palestine is sound.  Earlier in his speech he said the Bible was unreliable. 

This is what hurts my heart. People will read his words, listen to the speeches he gave and believe every single word out of his mouth.  If by his standards both works are on the same level, this means the Book of Mormon can’t be trusted either.

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