Book of Mormon Evidence?

20 April

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my Google-alerts on Mormonism.  This time it alerted me to an article in MormonTimes written by Michael Ash who is on the management board for FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) which is obviously a pro-Mormon site.

In Mr. Ash’s article he gave his reasons why having a testimony is a necessary element in showing the validity and truth of evidence regarding the Book of Mormon.  He stated that while there is no direct evidence pointing to the validity of the work he made certain to let people know that parallel evidence is a strong factor when “proving” the Book of Mormon true.

Part of his article stated that nothing in science can be proven, but something like mathematics can be as it is an absolute.  I’m gonna have to disagree with Mr. Ash on this one.

I think he was trying to convey that archaeology is a science and maybe in some ways it is???  Maybe???

I have a subscription to Biblical Archaeology Review.  It’s a very informative magazine that’s taught me a lot about digs; what they’ve found and what they haven’t.  The one thing I learned above all else is that archaeology isn’t around to prove the bible is true.  Archaeologists use the Bible to search for some things and if/when the find something then it compliments the Bible, not vice versa.

The sad thing about the Mormon Church and all of their experts that keep looking for something they’ll never find is that they’re leading an entire people group out on the same rabbit trail.  Let us know your thoughts!

For more info on the evidence against Book of Mormon findings see our article here.

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

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