Book of Mormon Witnesses

Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 214; “The witnesses were men known for truthfulness and sobriety…”

BoM Witnesses 6Almost two hundred years after the fact, the Book of Mormon witnesses still play a vital part of Mormonism. Their testimonies and lives give us an inside view at how the Book of Mormon came to be and how Joseph Smith took advantage of those around him, perpetuating the lies.

Through their experiences we see half truths and innuendos the Church wants people to believe that belie the reality of what really happened all those years ago.

We’ve listed some of the pivotal experiences they lived through and some experiences that well, weren’t so much pivotal, as they were just plain weird.

An Address to All Believers in Christ – David Whitmer

Book of Mormon Witnesses – All 11 of Them; Who’s who and what their testimonies tell us

Book of Mormon Witnesses Doubted and Disbelieved Vision

Book of Mormon Witnesses – Evil or Good?

Book of Mormon Witnesses – Why does the Church praise them when Smith denounced them? 

Ex-Communicated Book of Mormon Witnesses

Martin Harris’ Moon Visit

Testimonies of 3 Witnesses Powerful Because of Apostasy

What the Witnesses Witnessed

They didn’t see the plates or the breastplate and neither did they see the sword of Laban, they weren’t officially ‘seers’, and they didn’t keep their testimonies.  All that leads to a major false prophecy found in D&C 17.

Witnesses Testify of Trinitarian God in Book of Mormon Intro

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