Book of Mormon Plagiarisms

22 April

James 2:19; “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.”

BoM foundation 1While updating some info on our sites, I came across a sad reminder of what the everyday life of a Mormon would be like. I was updating the section on plagiarisms found in the Book of Mormon and adding to the seemingly never-ending list of new ‘finds’.

The list of speculations on where Smith retrieved his info to produce the Book of Mormon, is as numerous as the day is long. From Spaulding to Shakespeare, and View of the Hebrews to events in early America, there’s plenty of fodder from which to choose. One thing is certain, we can pinpoint a key resource he chose to plagiarize, and that’s the Bible.

It shouldn’t seem odd Smith would rely so heavily on something he obviously had no respect for. God’s word tells us that even the demons know the truth and shudder (James 2:19), and perverse people try to twist scripture to their own liking (2 Peter 3:16b).

Book of Mormon Plagiarisms 1 Nephi to EnosFrom the evidence we’ve shown here today, one can easily see the 40+ scriptures Joseph Smith plagiarized, in addition to the 18 chapters from Isaiah and Matthew scattered throughout the Book of Mormon narrative. It’s also interesting to see that Smith’s plagiarisms were limited to the more popular Bible verses. ‘God is not mocked’, ‘wretched man that I am’, ‘unto us a child is born’, etc, are all found therein. Regrettably, nothing about Passover, or the Law of God from Leviticus, can be found.

Book of Mormon Plagiarism Mosiah - HelamanOne time I asked a Mormon missionary if he believed the Bible passage we were reading in the Book of Mormon. He told me he’d believe it only if he read it from the Book of Mormon, and not the Bible itself. It’s the exact same text mind you, and it was obviously plagiarized by Smith. The young man told me those ‘minute details didn’t concern’ him. Yikes! His loyalty, he said, was to Smith and not an old relic like the Bible. I’m still praying for that guy!

Book of Mormon Plagiarism 3rd Nephi - MoroniAsk the Mormon you know what they think of the plagiarisms.

Why do they hate the Bible if the BoM has so many biblical passages?

One of Smith’s favorite phrases seemed to be taken from Acts 4:12 where Peter told the high priest and others in Jerusalem, ‘none other name had been given under heaven by which we must be saved’. As noted in our original article the phrase  ‘none other name’, coupled with ‘salvation’ in one form or another, is found numerous times in the BoM. We’ve only listed a half dozen or so for this article.

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