Book of Mormon Greek and Latin Word Chart

22 November

Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: But the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

isaiah-4087,391. That’s how many times Joseph Smith lied. Not only did he lie when he said no Greek or Latin was on the original plates, he lied when he tricked people into believing the Bible was insufficient. If you remember nothing else about this article, or chart we’ve presented here I beg of you, please, remember and memorize Isaiah 40:8.

That verse will always be the reason why the Book of Mormon is wrong.

I’ve received numerous requests for a full chart of all our findings on the Greek and Latin words found in the Book of Mormon. To make things easier for those who are interested, we’re providing a synopsis of them all here. Below is the link for  PDF listing the specific words and derivatives in question; the Strong’s Concordance numbers, etymology, and the number of times each word appeared. After discovering we had inadvertently left out a couple of words, we revised and updated our chart.

The original reason we did this is twofold. One reason is because of the claim Joseph Smith made in 1843 with the following statement:

Times & Seasons, vol. 4 (November 1842-November 1843): p. 194; “…There was no Greek or Latin upon the plates from which I, through the grace of God, translated the Book of Mormon Let the language of that book speak for itself.

Well, we’ve let the book speak for itself, and here it is showing Joseph Smith not telling the truth. We found a total of more than 94 Greek and/or Latin words he used over 7,300 times throughout the Book of Mormon.

The other reason, which for many of us is the most important, is because we have a vested interest in those who have believed Mr. Smith’s false statements. We pray daily for our friends and loved ones who are caught in the confusion, and wholesale lies about our Lord.

Our main concern is for people trapped in Mormonism to have a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus, and Him crucified. We’ve no doubt the Mormon people love Jesus, but it’s the wrong one, and the Book of Mormon is one of the tools in Satan’s arsenal. We pray this might be of help to you and your loved ones. Let us know how we can pray for you!

Here’s the link for the PDF!

Michelle With Love in Christ;

1 Cor. 1:18

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