Book of Mormon Chronology Nephi – Moroni

18 September

 Book of Mormon Chronology Nephi – Moroni

     A few years ago I took a bible study class on the book of Jeremiah.  Now I’ve been taking bible study classes non-stop since I was saved back on Palm Sunday of ’93 and I have to say that just like every other Christian I learn a lot, but there are times when the studies are more significant than others.  The study of Jeremiah did that for me.

I’ve always been a war and history buff so the aspect of studying Jeremiah in the Old Testament era really appealed to me, but God had something more in mind for me the day I walked into that class.  At the time I took the class I had been out of the Church over a decade so I obviously had a firm grasp on how ungodly the teachings are of Mormonism.  However, this one class put all the remaining pieces of mind fog from Mormonism into its proper place.

     I know for many the realization of timing in the Book of Mormon and biblical history is probably a no-brainer.  For me it was obviously huge.  When I discovered what God told the Israelites to do during their captivity in the Babylonian invasion and takeover, the word shocked really doesn’t do justice to what I felt that day.

     Sure, everyone knows Lehi took his family out of Jerusalem and fled to Egypt (wilderness) in 600 BC.   If you’re a Mormon did you know that God told the Israelites not to move anywhere at that time?  Everyone was commanded to stay put and not go to Egypt.  Yet in 1 Nephi 7:15 God told the tribe of Nephites something other than what He told everyone else. “Now behold, I say unto you that if ye will return unto Jerusalem ye shall also perish with them. And now, if ye have choice, go up to the land, and remember the words which I speak unto you, that if ye go ye will also perish.”

     I’ve written about this topic before but I want to make the opposing sides of these two events so obvious that it’d wake up every Mormon.  I pray the Mormon will see for him or herself that God is not contradictory, He is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.  I want for them to see how reliable and trustworthy He really is.  I pray each and every day they see He is waiting for them to respond.

     Take a look and be honest with yourself.  Does it make sense that God would do something like this?  If you don’t see a problem with the evidence presented; do you want to worship a god who has different rules for different people?  Or maybe, could it be, the Bible is right when Paul told the Jewish believers in the second chapter of Romans that God is no respecter of persons?

     So here’s a concise list of historical events in the Book of Mormon and we highly encourage you to compare these events with what the Bible says!

1 Nephi – BC 600-588

Lehi & family move from Jerusalem to wilderness which was probably Egypt

Sons of Lehi marry daughters of Ishmael

Lehi & family build a ship & sail to “promised land”

2 Nephi – BC 588-570

Nephi & family journey & settle into the wilderness they named Nephi

Fighting with the Lamanites begin

Sinners become dark and loathsome 30 yrs after leaving Jerusalem – 2 Nephi 5:24-27

Jacob – BC 544-421

Nephi dies

Polygamy condemned

Grafting of the Gentiles into salvation

Believed in Christ, kept Law of Moses

Enos – BC 544-421

Lamanites become more blood thirsty

179 years since they left Jerusalem

Jarom & Omni – BC 420-130

 “More wicked part of Nephites destroyed”

Discovery of the people of Zarahemla who carried w/ them writings of the Jews

People of Zarahemla also fled Jerusalem at time of Babylonian takeover

People of Zarahemla did not follow God.  The people united with the Nephites under king Mosiah.

Omni 1:27; “And they gave an account of one Coriantumr, and the slain of his people.”

Words of Mormon – 385 AD

Mormon makes abridgment to the plates of Nephi and places it in the proper place

Mosiah – BC 124-91

Jesus, Mary and crucifixion foretold by an angel

People take oath of covenant to worship Jesus

Isaiah 53 shared with King Noah

Abinidai burned alive for God

Alma baptizes Helam

Church of God formed

Alma’s son Alma confronted by angel of God and struck dumb. Ch. 27

Alma – BC 91-52

Taught gospel in land of Mulek – chapt. 5

Warring and fighting continuous, then peace, then war, then peace, then war….

Alma and Amulek martyred

Korihor struck dumb

Moroni retires

Helaman preaches word of God

Helaman & Moroni die

Many people migrated from Zarahemla to land northward by land and sea

Helaman – BC 52-2

The Book of Questions

How in the world did these people walk from one ocean to the other in one day?  The shortest distance between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is 2,362 miles.  (San Diego, California to Jacksonville Beach, Florida.)  Helaman 4:7says it was a day’s journey for a Nephite. How are we to believe this when they don’t have exact locations, maps and the stories change of where these people actually lived? Was it North America, Mesoamerica or South America?

8,000 Lamanites baptized

Story of Nephi and Lehi similar to that of Meshach, Shadrak and Abednego

God’s voice in a dark and ominous cloud

Holy Spirit poured out into people’s hearts before Jesus birth

Helaman 5:32 claims the people need to repent for the “kingdom of God is at hand

Churches in 25 BC

Helaman chapter 10 – Nephi prayed long and hard to ask God to smite the earth with famine, pestilence and destruction.  (This is what God told Jeremiah to warn the Israelites about when Jerusalem was about to be destroyed by the Babylonians.) Nephi given power to smite the earth with famine, pestilence and destruction and allowed to “rent the temple in twain”…the veil of the temple was rent in twain, not the temple itself.  Matthew 27:51.

Helaman 13:17, 18, 23 – God will curse the earth.

God promised Noah in Genesis 8:21 that He would never curse the earth again.

Helaman 14:2-3 is one of two things.  It’s either the most precise prophecy of when Jesus would be born or this is just another outrageous lie of Joseph Smith.  How could they possibly know that five years from that day Jesus would be born?

Helaman 14:12 – Jesus is the Son of God and the Father of Heaven

Helaman 14:27 – darkness over the whole earth for three days. The Bible says it was three hours.

Warring and fighting continuous, then peace, then war, then peace, then war….

3 Nephi – 1-35 AD

Samuel prophesies of the deaths of Lamanites & Nephites

Many people convert

War, then peace, then war, then peace…

Great wars with Gadianton robbers

Few converts toward the end of Christ’s ministry in Jerusalem

4 Nephi – 34-321 AD

Destruction in city of Zarahemla (34 AD), people overcome with thick smoke and darkness for 3 days

Disciples perrformed great works

Life lived in peace

People revolt from church (just the Lamanites)

Divided into classes

More wicked people living than righteous

Secret oaths and contentions

Land split up between good and bad people

Mormon – 322-421 AD

Nephites head north to Cumorah for final battle

Mormon hides plates in the hills

Ether – c. BC 2500

Jaredites, Jared and his brother leave the Tower of Babel and sail to America

Went to America (land of promise) in 2500 BC to worship as they pleased which was to worship their god Jesus Christ

Built barges which were lit by shining stones

Landed in the place called “land of Desolation”

Moroni – 400-421 AD

Mormon is killed

Moroni sole survivor

Moroni adds letters from father Mormon to the plates already buried

Moroni dies

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