Bizarre Mormon Prophecy Quotes

30 July

1000-mormon-quotesContinuing along in our mini-series of  noteworthy categories from our collection of Mormon quotes, I thought this subject matter was worthy of mention!

As I mentioned before when we’re posting these things day after day it doesn’t dawn on us just how many outrageous teachings they’ve uttered.  What sticks out the most to me personally is how many of the Mormon leaders say such outrageous things. It’s not just one of two of them and it’s not just on a rare occurrence – it’ seems to happen quite often with no rhyme nor reason. Once we get them in one concise setting, the doors of their bizarre way of thinking become clearly evident.

It’s made me wonder…what were these people thinking???  When they get home and close their doors do they laugh at those sitting within earshot of their prophetic wisdom? I can’t help but think they mock at everyone as the checks are cashed at the bank.  I also can’t help but wonder what they must be smoking or drinking in order to keep a straight face…

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Bigfoot is Cain – Spencer W. Kimball, Miracle of Forgiveness

Cavemen are Result of Sin – Mark E. Petersen, 1977

City of Enoch Now Gulf of Mexico

Dragons were Dinosaurs – Bruce McConkie

Earth Banished from Original Dwelling – Joseph Smith

Earth Conceives and has Parents – Heber C. Kimball, 1857

Earth Fell from Space – Brigham Young, 1874

Earth Fell into the Universe when Adam Fell – Andrew Skinner, 1997

Earth Has a Spirit –Heber C. Kimball 1857

Earth is Dying – Joseph Fielding Smith, 1954

Earth Once Larger than Now –

Earth to be Resurrected, Celestialized & Redeemed – Joseph Fielding Smith, 1954

Earth Will be Resurrected because It Keeps the Law – Joseph Fielding Smith, 1954

Earth’s Spirit Cried Unto Enoch – Moses 7:48-49

God didn’t Create the Earth – Brigham Young, 1871

Gold and Silver Compose – Brigham Young

Martin Harris’ Moon Visit – William Lin, 1902

Millions of Gods; Each Earth has Its Own God – Orson  Pratt

Moses’ Security Clearance and Other Inhabitants – Neal Maxwell, 1996

Multiple Gods and People from Other Planets – Brigham Young 

No Man Will Go to Moon – Stake Conference, Honolulu, May 14, 1961, Joseph Fielding Smith

No Man Will go to Outer Space – Joseph Fielding Smith, D. Michael Quinn

Planets in Our Solar System are Inhabited, Fallen Kingdoms – Orson Pratt, 1878

Retroactive Salvation for Other Jurisdictions – Bruce McConkie

Seeds for this Earth Brought from Other Planets – Brigham Young, 1852

Sun is Inhabited – Brigham Young, 1870, Journal of Discourses 13:271-272

Ten Tribes Flying into Space – Joseph Smith, Juvenile Instructor

Ten Tribes Live at North Pole – Messenger and Advocate, 1835

Wafting Through Space as a god – Orson Whitney

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