Comparisons between the Bible, Book of Mormon & LDS Teachings

(Simply Print and Use as Handouts for Witnessing!)

BTW – this was part of the presentation I gave on Sunday, November 6, 2016 @ Evergreen Baptist in Everett, WA. It’ll replace our older edition of the same handout Bible, BoM, and LDS  Teachings, so keep an eye out for it sometime within the next day or so!

We met numerous families who had either been in Mormonism, or have family members very active in it, and subsequently moved to Salt Lake (of all places). Pray for the dear Christian brothers and sisters in Christ who have had to live through the nightmare of their families being ripped apart because of this.

We’re still left wondering…if the Church’s motto is ‘families are forever’, why do we see families who are going through major crisis and won’t speak to their Christian parents./siblings after joining this group?