Beck and the NASB Bible

24 May

glenn-beckAfter hearing Glenn Beck promoting a special kind of bible, I skimmed through the numerous websites promoting the Founders’ Bible and the ministry of David Barton, Glenn Beck’s token Christian Pastor.  The Bible is more a declaration of the holiness of the United Sates of America than a true study bible.

Barton has inserted over 900 pages of his own insights and commentary along with 150 plus  founders’ quotes and biographies to strengthen his position that America  was founded as a Christian nation and is the bearer of Biblical and Christian authority today.. Today’s Israel..  Today’s chosen people..  adoration of the Constitution as a product of biblical truth.

And, along with Beck, going after the far right in its marketing, makes big bucks for him.

Beck is another spoke in the same wheel.  I listened to them jabber about it.  Reminded me of an old song I used to sing to my kids 50 years ago..

Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey A kiddley divey too, wooden shoe?

 If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, sing Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy

The quick talking, energetic promos Beck was jammering away with sounded just the same. I had to slow it down and listen to it several times.

The problem is that Beck is a committed, temple level Mormon who believes with all his soul that  a bible such as the NASB is from the pit of hell..

The Mormons teach that through  so many levels of translations much of the [KJV] bible has lost parts, wrong words and translations caused by sloppy and evil [read the Catholic Church here] men.  Not even their own KJV only bible is above suspicion.   Any Bible that came after that one is not to be trusted from its first page to the last.

In the LDS foundational ‘Articles of Faith” we read in #8.

8 We believe the aBible to be the bword of God as far as it is translated ccorrectly; we also believe the dBook of Mormon to be the word of God.      read it here

So who is Beck, really? It is a mystery. In promoting this NASB bible, heavily burdened with Barton’s view of the holy constitution and Holy America, he is defying his own Prophets and elders, people he swore a holy temple oath to obey without question

Is it because he is reacting to Barton’s love of the constitution, or Beck’s  belief that Jesus will return to a holy America at his temple in Independence Missouri ?

Or is it that Barton is regurgitating the same old stuff that Mormon, Cleon Skousen did  with the LDS Freeman Institute and the NCCS [National Center for Constitutional Studies].. the same man Beck’s claims was his life mentor.

Or is it the big bucks they both bring in selling this redesigned and rewritten bible to a gullible public?

Why would Beck sell out his core beliefs for the sale of a book that his prophet curses as the works of evil men? And why would any self proclaimed orthodox  minister saddle up with a  cultist who, within his faith, mocks the Christian pastors of America? The same church that sends out tens of thousands of missionaries to steal Christians away from every orthodox church, including Barton’s?

I remember talking to a Mormon business man years ago who had openly done some pretty bad things to  some of his Mormon brethren. They went broke and he walked with the money.

He said “Church is Church and Business is Business”.

I think that is the same game here.. Beck and Barton are raking in the cash, smiling at each other, saying, “church is church and business is business. we love this business!”

Ed Decker

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  1. Sutekh May 25, 2014 at 4:21 am #

    Mr. Decker, I share your lack of enthusiasm for Bibles that have additional study material appended — or worse yet, “inspirational” trivia checkerboarded throughout the Biblical text. Bibles that have such materials added do nothing but distract the reader from the teaching of the Biblical text.

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