Visiting Teaching MessagesThe Visiting Teaching Message in August focuses on church members nurturing their families.

Anytime I hear Mormons talk about the importance of families, or recall their old commercials that ended with the line “families it’s about time” (remember those?), I shake my head in disgust and disbelief because I know that’s not what they truly believe.

If they truly we’re all about family, then non-Mormon family members wouldn’t be treated like pariah at temple weddings. As you may know, unless you’re a temple worthy member you can’t attend any temple wedding ceremony, even if it’s your child or parent who’s getting married that day. As a non-Mormon, you must wait outside until the happy couple comes through the temple doors to greet them.

In other cases, if a faithful Mormon leaves the church because they learned the truth about Jesus, grace. and true salvation as they compare it to the doctrines of the Mormonism they risk being ostracized by the fellow Mormon friends and family. Their family will feel almost as though it was an attack on them, and by leaving the church their son/daughter/mother/father has in their minds, broken up the family for eternity.

They feel this way because to the Mormon their families are a means to salvation, or in their terms, exaltation. This is why they attend the temple regularly, so that they can redeem their dead through temple works, and have their whole family, including their ancestors sealed to them for eternity.

It’s sad that they would allow something like this to come between themselves and family members, but to them, their religion, and their church, is everything. If you’ve ever heard a Mormon bear their testimony, as they say, it’s all about the church. They usually don’t speak of their salvation through Jesus Christ, or of what the Lord is teaching them that week.

They truly need prayer, because this religion is tearing families apart.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes



August 2016 Ensign: Visiting Teaching Message. –