mailbag2We receive a lot of e-mails and comments here at the ministry via private notes, and through our sites which more times than not, make me sad for the blindness many people have chosen to impair themselves with.

Having said that, every once in awhile we receive comments that immediately stop me in my tracks. The examples we’re listing below are just such a case. You see, for me personally you can say anything you want about me or the articles we produce and it’s like water off a duck’s back. When you malign the Lord or His word, you’ve taken it to another level that downright frightens me for your soul.

Earlier this week we received a few comments on our main site @ prompting my reaction. I’m sharing them here, along with my response, so you can pray the Lord will open the heart of the young woman (Clare) who wrote them and that she’ll open her Bible to take a look at what it really says. Most importantly, we’re praying Jesus will heal her broken and very angry heart. Our response will be in red.

FYI: I don’t change spelling, or grammatical errors in e-mails we receive. Here we go –

In response to our article about Joseph Smith Clare wrote:

“There’s this lovely prophesy made by Joseph of Egypt. It’s in the Bible, in case you were wondering. It tells of a Seer Called Joseph, after both Joseph of Egypt and his father. Joseph Smith was called Joseph after his father and Joseph of Egypt.

Also, who did Joseph Smith kill. The church was practically chased out of the country, and we were the terrorists?”

Hi Clare –

We want to thank you for writing in and let you know we’re praying for you.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but there’s no such prophecy in the Bible. Joseph Smith’s attempt at rewriting God’s holy word was a sore attempt to make it look as if he was the promised one that God couldn’t live without.

Who did Joseph kill?

Well, Joseph Smith killed two people just before he was shot and killed in Carthage Jail. He also put a hit out on Missouri Governor Lilliburn Boggs. In addition to those nefarious deeds, he also put together a group of men who’d do his ‘dirty work’ for him. They were known as the Danites. You can read tons of info on our sites about this as well as many other sites on the net.

Another comment from Clare came in via Melissa’s articleAnti-Mormon vs. Anti-Mormonism’. Her comment and our response is below –

“What I see as anti-Mormon is someone writing a passive aggressive article using biased opinions and slander to portray something that is non-existent.”

There’s nothing in Melissa’s article that’s biased. She was explaining what she was taught by Church members and her leaders during her thirteen years as a Mormon.

Could you be specific so we can address the concern?

And last, but certainly not least, are the comment Clare posted about our article And it Came to Pass’.

“Oh look. An ignorant idiot who knows nothing about anything. If the Book of Mormon is so sleepy, what about the bible? IF our book is sleepy and printed
Cloroform, the bible is cloroform on steroids.

The wars and civilizations of the Book of Mormon, (I.e., The Jaradites, The Nephites and The Lamanites, e.t.c), have been proven by archeology.
The plates of the scriptures weren’t copper; they were gold. Passover isn’t in the Book of Mormon because it was not a covenant made with the people of any of these books. Most of those mentioned in The Book of Mormon were member of The Church Of God, which was the original form of the church. The reason there’s no animal sacrifices was simply because they were told not to sacrifice animals. God was never told how to build a ship; God taught how to build a ship. And the name Sam being Yankee? Thats just you using what you think is convenient and convincing. The only thing this article is, is a collection of pathetic slander. If you’re going to write an article about how fake something is, try using evidence that can’t be destroyed by someone who’s 14 years old. Because the fact of the matter is, I’m probobaly less than half your age, and I Just destroyed your article.”

I want to make sure I address each of Clare’s concerns so let’s take a closer look shall we?

1.As I mentioned earlier, calling me names really doesn’t affect me all that much. I’m sad you’re angry, but that’s about it.

Maligning God’s word is another story. It prompts a deep concern on my part for your very soul.

How is God’s word chloroform on steroids?

If it’s so bad why do you use it for your studies?

2.None of the characters in the BoM have been proven to have existed. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary Clare. More than a century of digging around in South, Central and North America has proven neither the people, nor the items mentioned in the BoM ever existed. 

3.Not sure why Clare thought we said the plate weren’t made of copper. We didn’t say this.

4.Passover was indeed a covenant God made with the Israelites, who by the way, happens to be the people group that Lehi supposedly came from.

5.How can people be from the ‘Church of God’ before churches were formed?

6.Where in the BoM does it say not to sacrifice animals? There are many verses in the BoM telling us they made sacrifices.

7.As for Jared telling God how to make a ship, check out Jared chapter two.

8.The Israelites wouldn’t have heard of the name ‘Sam’, it’s out of context and out of chronological order.

As I mentioned earlier, we’re praying for you Clare and hope you’ll study the Bible to see what God has to say about these things. He loves you more than you’ll ever know and it’s only through Him you will have salvation dear one. Romans 10:9

With Love in Christ;

Michelle †

1 Cor 1:18