Is Aphrodite Keeping Watch Over SLC Temple Celestial Room?

01 July

1 Corinthians 1:18 “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

While looking for a reference on another article, I came across the image we’re using as the topic for today. See, where I retrieved my original info.

You’d think that after doing this for 2½ decades I’d get used to the demonic symbols the Church likes to plaster all over their buildings, but I haven’t. I gave up the notion I’d stop being horrified years ago, and figured out my reaction is what continues to fuel my desire to keep warning my people. Oh, how I pray they’d stop to think of the impact these things have on their very soul!

That being said, my reaction is apparently not what the Church had in mind by placing these occult symbols all over their ‘holy’ sepulchres. LDS Church Historian Hugh Nibley defined the purpose and meaning of their temples as a representation of their expanded gospel, leading them to godhood status.

“The temple presents a view of human existence as a progression toward godhood. “The Expanding Gospel” emphasizes the dynamic quality of the gospel message, in contrast to the traditionally static view held by scholars and clergy, most evident in their restrictive views of the scriptures — an uninspired or closed canon.” – Hugh Nibley, Temple and Cosmos: Beyond This Ignorant Present, xvi.


You can refer to God’s word as ‘static’ if you like, but for those who believe it’s ‘the power of God unto salvation’, as Paul said in Romans 1:16-17! His word never changes which is comforting, and His word is representative of the kind of God that Christians worship. He’s reliable, trustworthy, unchanging…you could fill books with all the different adjectives there are describing this awesome God!

When you wake up tomorrow you can know you’re not going to be shocked by reading the headlines of your morning paper telling you God has changed his mind about a major doctrine.

This is what happened to me in June 1978 when I read the Saturday afternoon paper in Riverdale, Utah. While it was good the Church allowed blacks into the priesthood, I wondered what I had done differently the previous day to earn his favor. The god I was worshiping suddenly became an unknown god whom I didn’t know, nor did I trust.

Which brings us back to the image of Aphrodite sitting atop the ‘veil’ in the SLC Celestial Room.

Will this goddess be in the presence of the Holy God to usher in those who earned godhood status? What other gods, and/or goddesses might be present as well? It seems the Pandora’s box of evil has been opened wide, allowing anything at all to be possible.

The Aphrodite statue actually fits in well with the LDS motif, as she was one of the participants in the mythological world of the occult.

Depending on the culture, Aphrodite’s name and power could vary. From Homer’s Iliad she was the daughter of Zeus, but for Plato her name represented two separate identities. The list of who worshiped her, with what name, is far too graphic for this website, and won’t be looked at here. For more info see Aphrodite on Wikipedia.

The one thing we’re pointing out regarding this statue has to do with the festivals Greece used to produce before the Romans pummeled Athens c. BC 145. The info Wikipedia provided is much the same as other sites I’ve read regarding this event, thus our inclusion of their info here. To read it in full see link above.

“Her festival, Aphrodisia, was celebrated across Greece, but particularly in Athens and Corinth. At the temple of Aphrodite on the summit of Acrocorinth (before the Roman destruction of the city in 146 BC), intercourse with her priestesses was considered a method of worshiping Aphrodite. This temple was not rebuilt when the city was re-established under Roman rule in 44 BC, but the fertility rituals likely continued in the main city near the agora.”

To be sure we’re representing all aspects of this statue, the Church wrote a piece in 2015 stating the statue was purchased by one of Brigham’s sons, Don Carlos, while in Boston. After the purchase, he had it enlarged to its 6’ size. He also had its wings removed, and subsequently dubbed it ‘Angel of Peace’. For more info see

Whatever it is, it looks like Aphrodite to the many people who’ve seen it, this author included. If it’s merely an angel why was it fashioned on a seashell which is also another indicator that it’s Aphrodite? And why were its wings removed?

Make no mistake my friends, it’s no coincidence this mythological goddess would make an appearance at the entrance of a sealing room for eternal marriages.

If you scroll through all the images provided at the link above you’ll no doubt wonder at the amount of money they must have spent in the grandeur, opulent settings. Mormons should ask why their tithing money is spent on such things.

The biggest missing piece in all of this is the cross.

Where is it?

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  1. Anonymous July 13, 2017 at 2:39 am #

    This is NOT a statue of Aphrodite! This is totally false. I co-wrote and published an article after several years of research that tells the history of this statue. The theory that this is Aphrodite or the virgin Mary has been floating around for years, and both are completely untrue. Please do your research before making claims and assumptions that have no evidence. I wonder how accurate the rest of the information is on this site!

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