Anti-Christian Rhetoric and Lies of George Q. Cannon

26 August

Today we’re looking at a speech given by a Mormon apostle, George Quayle Cannon. Mr. Cannon served Cannon George Qas a political strategist under four Mormon prophets; Brigham Young, John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Lorenzo Snow.

The reason we’re looking at this particular speech is because of the numerous lies he tried to pass off as truth, and the way he kept maligning Christians. What Christian do you know that goes about demeaning his brothers and sisters in Christ?

We’ve trimmed this reference down considerably because of its length. If you’d like to read it in full, the link is provided below. Our remarks are in red.

Journal of Discourses 25:154-155; “You ask ministers of religion concerning the character and form of God, and how few there are who will attempt to make any sort of a reasonable answer.

They have no idea, scarcely. Do they believe Him to be a personal being? I have scarcely ever found a professing Christian who did believe this. They say God is a spirit. True enough. But has God no powers? Is God a diffused substance, filling all creation?

No Christian would ever say God is a personal being because God is spirit, not an exalted man. John 4:24, Numbers 23:19 Why are they condemned for having a correct belief in what the Bible says?

That is the idea that many have. And you get the professed Christian and the professed infidel, and let each of them talk about God, and they are as near together as it is possible to be…

Likewise, we have yet to find any Mormon Church leader who has spoken about Christians in a positive manner.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom we worship as God, was a man like unto us, so much so that his divinity was not recognized through any external signs by the Jews.

This is a lie. Mormons do not worship Jesus Christ as their god. The Mormon god’s name is Elohim. They don’t worship Jesus, nor do they pray to Jesus. See McConkie’s infamous 1982 speech.

There was nothing about his person that they could discover that would make Him a God, the creator of the heavens and the earth…

How could Jesus be the creator if he was created by the Mormon god, Elohim? See Abraham 3:27-28, Jesus the Christ, p. 8.

His exterior was that of a man; but, nevertheless, He was a God.

Mormons believe Jesus became a god while here on earth. See LDS Newsroom Announcement of a 2001 speech given by Robert Millet at Harvard Divinity School. He said Jesus inherited godhood powers and divinity from His Father, and the capacity to die from His mother.

More info: Jesus is “a” God – Joseph Fielding Smith said in Doctrines of Salvation 1:32.

He was the Son of that Being, and was the express image of His person, like Him, having a head, having the senses that men have, having all the bodily features that we have, and His Father was precisely like Him, or He, in other words, was precisely like His Father.

As mentioned above, Mormons believe Jesus was created in the preexistence with all other spirits (Lucifer included) through a sexual union of Elohim and one of his goddess wives. Joseph Smith said ‘the contention’ in heaven was that both Lucifer and Jesus who were spirit brothers, wanted to be the savior of the world. Journal of Discourses 6:8.

There is nothing more plainly conveyed and taught than this in the Scriptures of divine truth, the Bible, and yet men professing to teach godliness and to teach God, endeavor to destroy that feeling and that faith in the minds of the people.

The Mormon interpretation of scripture isn’t biblical at all! The Bible does not teach God is an exalted man who had billions, if not trillions, of spirit babies.

When such misconceptions as these exist in the minds of the children of men, of course there cannot be correct faith exercised; men who do not know to whom to go, on whom to call, or to whom to pray. “This is eternal life,” says Jesus, “that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent.”

This is John 17:3. Why would they use scripture if it’s been corrupted by the Christians?

That was eternal life—to know Him, to comprehend Him, to understand the Being that gave us life, that created us. Therefore, when a man understands this he goes to God with perfect confidence. He asks God as he would his earthly father for that which he desires.

How could Jesus create us if he too, was a spirit child of their god? See Orson Pratt’sThe Seer’, p. 172.

My brethren and sisters, it is a glorious truth that has been taught to us, that we are literally the children of God, that we are his literal descendants, as Jesus was literally descended from Him, and that He is our Father as much as our earthly parent is our father, and we can go to Him with a feeling of nearness, knowing this, understanding it by the revelations which God has given to us.” – George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake City, May 4, 1884

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