Anniversary of the killing of Joseph Smith

On June 27, 1844 a group of men known as the Carthage Greys headed to the holding cell of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, John Taylor and Willard Richards.  When they got there a gun battle would ensue, leaving Joseph and Hyrum Smith dead as well as two others from the Carthage Greys.  Joseph Smith was the reason the two other men were killed.  History of the Church 6:617-621.

Sadly, when I asked my mother about significant dates of remembrance this is one of the days she brought up as well as July 24th which is known as Pioneer Day in Utah.

When I asked her what she knew of Maundy Thursday, Lent, or Good Friday, she told me she’d heard of Good Friday but didn’t know anything about it or the other dates I had mentioned.  And if you think it’s just my mother that doesn’t know these things, you’d be wrong.  It isn’t very often I meet a Mormon who’s aware of the significance of the important dates in Christian history.  When I mentor those getting out of Mormonism I’ve found that more often than not, Holy Week is something they’ve had little to no experience with.

Below is a link to  our article on the “martyrdom” of Joseph Smith.  If you’re a Mormon or have a Mormon friend or loved one I highly suggest reading it to find out why Smith doesn’t qualify to be a martyr.

The Martyrdom of Joseph Smith