Ammon Plagiarized Jesus, Matthew, and John

28 May

bom3in1-22We came upon a story in the Book of Mormon so ‘incredible’ for the lack of a better word, we thought we’d share it with you today.

The setting takes place in 90 BC with a character known as King Lamoni from the book of Alma. Supposedly, everyone in town thought Lamoni had died, and the queen (who by the way has no name), summoned the prophet Ammon to come in and resurrect her husband. Apparently, the king had passed out, and became unresponsive after hearing Ammon preach the gospel about a ‘Great Spirit’ who lives in, and rules from heaven.

As one reads through this story, it becomes obvious it’s a knock-off of John chapter eleven when Jesus resurrected Lazarus. Surprisingly, however, this isn’t the only thing that caught our attention with the story.

The plagiarism in this short passage (Alma chapter 19) is what sent red flags up. We’ve listed the key words that were intentionally plagiarized from the gospels of John and Matthew.

Our questions are probably the same as yours might be! If this isn’t plagiarized, how did this scenario happen in 90 BC?

How did Joseph Smith, who lived in the 19th century, come up with a translation of Jacobean English from the 17th century, for a set of gold plates supposedly written 150 years before the biblical setting took place?

The following is a list of biblical scriptures, in addition to passages from the BoM showing the very apparent plagiarisms. Of the four BoM verses we’ve looked at, there are five questionable settings.

Remember, please, pray our Lord will open the minds of Mormons who read this BoM story and begin questioning what their ‘beloved’ prophet has claimed!

John 11:11; “…Lazarus sleepeth…”

John 11:23; “…shall rise again.”

John 11:26; “…Believest thou this?”

John 11:39; “…he stinketh…”

Matthew 8:10; “…I have not found so great faith…”


Alma 19:5; “…he stinketh…”

Alma 19:8; “…he sleepeth…”

Alma 19:8; “…shall rise again…”

Alma 19:9; “…Believest thou this…”

Alma 19:10; “…there has not been such great faith…”

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