‘All is Well’ in Mormonism?

08 August

LDS Church News and Announcements-2015First Presidency Message, ‘All is Well,’ July 2015

Today I read with sorrow the July issue of the First Presidency Message on the LDS website. My first thought when I read the phrase ‘all is well’, was a warning from God in the book of Jeremiah.

God warned the Israelites through His prophet to not heed the voices of false prophets when they proclaimed ‘all is well’. The truth was that Jerusalem was falling apart in front of their very eyes, but the Israelites were bound and determined to hold onto their poor behavior choices, come what may. Being convicted of sin is never an easy pill to swallow, and thus we see this in action with God’s chosen kids even back then.

Jeremiah 6:14; “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.”

Today we see much of the same behavior problem in Mormonism. The Lord, rich in mercy and long on patience, has told us repeatedly not to converge our worship with the practice of necromancy. We saw some of what the Lord had to say just a couple of days ago in the article

Dead People Visit Mormon Leaders’. He patiently waited during His warnings to the Israelites to stop worshiping dead people, and to stop worshiping the earth.

Tragically, warnings from numerous prophets went unheeded which led to the downfall of both the Northern, and Southern Kingdoms of Israel, over a 100+ year period of time.

While the circumstances of who or what Mormons are worshiping are a bit different, they hold the common element of ancestor worship. In this presidency message, Mr. Uctdorf emphatically declared Mormons should look back into time, and ‘hold the hands’ of their pioneer heritage to worship with them.

This, he said, will help them to feel ‘all is well’ when, or if, events in life seem to be overwhelming. He went on to encourage Mormons today to show gratitude to the pioneers who lived more than 150 years ago. Here’s a bit of what he said –

“From the pioneers we can learn to have faith and trust in God. We can learn to have compassion for others. We can learn that work and industry bless us not only temporally but also spiritually. We can learn that happiness is available to us no matter our circumstances.

The best way we can honor and show gratitude to the pioneers is by incorporating into our own lives faithfulness to God’s commandments, compassion and love for our fellowmen, and the industry, optimism, and joy the pioneers demonstrated so well in their own lives.

As we do so, we can reach across the decades of time, take the hands of those noble pioneers in ours, and add our own voices to theirs as we sing with them: “All is well! All is well!””

I have a couple of questions after reading that so here we go!

1.How will the pioneers know we’re grateful for what they’ve done?

2.Why would we want to join hands with someone who’s already passed away?

3.It’s admirable to be encouraged by others, but why is there such a heavy admiration for this group of people, and not Jesus?

Because I was in the Church for 30 years, I know from experience looking to Jesus as an example, or for help, are empty words.

Mormons don’t believe Jesus is God. Mormons only believe Jesus is an elder brother whom they try to live up to because He was perfect.

Additionally, Mormons don’t believe the Holy Spirit is God, nor do they emphasize members should rely on Him for strength, wisdom, comfort, or even inspiration. On occasion  you’ll hear about him, but it’s not a repeated mainstay in their vocabulary. You’ll notice in their monthly articles (this one included), how they point to others for the things I just mentioned, but never to Jesus because they’ve mischaracterized Him, and what He does.

Promoting, or even insinuating, you can have a relationship, and be just like the pioneers is nothing more than necromancy, and this behavior is what got Israel into a boatload of trouble!

All is not well in Mormonism. It’s not well at all. They’ve rejected Jesus and His cross, they’ve rejected God’s holy word, and they’ve rejected the idea they have a sin nature.

How can God work with someone who rejects all this, and refuses to accept who man really is?

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