‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’. James 1:8

While strolling around on the list of classes available at BYU, I came across an interesting page, ‘History of the English Bible’.

This page listed several resources along with a short synopsis on the history of English Bibles produced by Wycliffe from the 14th century, to the latter 20thcentury publications of the NKJV (New King James Version), and even the NIV (New International Version).

There were also three other items of note on this page.

1.They listed the website for CenterPlace.org, with an explanation that it’s a resource for the JST (Joseph Smith Translation) of the Bible.

In case you’re unaware, CenterPlace.org is owned by the Reformed LDS Church, now known as the Church of Christ. They were founded by Joseph Smith’s son, Joseph Smith III, along with his mother Emma, Joe Smith’s widow. They’ve been in  cahoots with this break off version of Mormonism since Joe Smith’s death.

2.In addition to providing a list on the history of English Bibles, here in part is what they had to say about them  –

“Consider these few examples of scriptures and the different meanings and implications of the translations. NOTE: Technically speaking none of these translations are incorrect, as there is never a word=word correlation in language translation.” [emp. mine]

3.They provided links for two Christian websites that are great portals for Bibles, dictionaries, and commentaries; Biblegateway.com, and StudyLight.org.

The question is: why?

Why would they do this and at the same time trash God’s word by rejecting it through their pseudo gospels of the BoM, and Pearl of Great Price, or even the JST? Their 8th Article of Faith brazenly declares they put these things above the Bible.

This church has an extensive rap sheet of denouncing all translations of the Bible, thus their supposed need for the other gospels. See Every Bible Verse Corrupted According to Mormons, for one example.

The BYU page would make for a great witnessing tool for the Mormons you know because the info has come directly from their leaders!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18