The Church’s annual stat report given at their General Conferences in April proved to be much more of the same. I’m not sure why, but I always hold out hope they’ll be truthful, yet they refuse to live up to that standard. Sigh…

Be that as it may, here’s what we discovered by doing some simple math. The overall outlook of the Church is bleak. Membership is down, converts are down, and the missionary workforce numbers are down.

The only stat that went up was the inflated number they claimed for new members.

Let’s take a look at the basic stats provided at this conference so you can get an idea of what they’re trying to do –

Church Membership


Total of New Members

349,377 – Total

109,246 – Children of Record (BIC – Born in the Covenant)

240,131 – New Convert Baptisms

This total number comes from a combination of new converts, and ‘Children of Record’, which simply means those born into the Mormon Church. For the sake of the ongoing argument on how the Church defines this latter group, we’re going with their latest explanation that Children of Record are those born into the Church.

By simply subtracting the 2015 membership total (15,634,199) from the 2016 membership total we should come up with an increase of 248,218 new members.

However, the Church reported at their conference they had a seen an increase of 349,377 members. That’s 101,159 member discrepancy! The question is why? The leaders of the Church all have backgrounds in business, or higher education, so they’re not uneducated, nor are they unaware of how to operate a calculator.

Here’s how the numbers played out this time around. One thing is certain, people are definitely discovering the truth about Mormonism! PTL! While their depreciating numbers thrills me, the heaviness of my heart won’t dissipate. Please, pray for those caught in the deceitfulness of this pseudo-Christian group and that Jesus would loosen the chains that bind them!!

Growth Rate – 1.56%

The growth rate of the Church has steadily declined since 1970 according to Church records, and stat counters such as, and

For the first time in the Church’s history, the rate fell below 2% in 2013, and its numbers have continued the downward trend ever since.


Growth rate for the LDS Church sat at 1.56% in 2016, down from1.65% the previous year.

Membership Increase Through Convert Baptisms Lowest in 30 Years

‘An increase of 248,218 members is the lowest since 1987.’ That’s what we reported just a week or two ago, after reading the headlines on

Since then, the numbers are actually worse than what we believed.

The Church says they baptized 240,131 new converts in 2016. This is quite a bit lower than earlier reports of 248,218. Moreover, this is also quite a drop from 2015 showing they had 261,862 convert baptisms.


Mormon Church Convert Baptisms, Membership Increase Rate – 1.51%

Apparently the rate of new members in the Church has remained pretty linear for quite some time, but in 2015-2016 the Church saw that number take a nosedive compared to other years. In 2015 we reported the increased membership rate @ 1.7%.




Children of Record & 8 Yr Olds Baptized – 0.69%

109,246 – Children of Record (BIC – Born in the Covenant)

Even the increase in the number of children of record is falling. In 2015 we reported that 0.73% of all Mormon membership consisted of children who were born in the covenant (BIC).

In 2016, only 0.69% of all Mormons are children who were born in the covenant.



Missionary Workforce & Convert Baptists per Missionary – 3.38%

Even with the increased number of missionaries out in the field, the Church can’t seem to get their numbers of missionaries and converts to correlate.

Now that the sudden surge of lowering the age requirements has subsided, the number of missionaries has gone back down, as have the number of conversions.

The Church reported they had 70,946 missionaries out in the field pounding pavement with the gospel of the angel of light, Moroni, in hand.

After doing the math, the Church shows they had baptized 240,131 new members. This simply means that number dropped as well. Each missionary averaged 3.5 conversions to Mormonism in 2015.

In 2016 the number went down to 3.38%.

Unaccounted for Increase Rate – 29%

Of the 349,377 increased members the Church claims to have, we noted that 101,159 members are unaccounted for. That’s 29%!