Mormon Quotes A – Z ( 1,000+ Reasons to Leave the Mormon Church )

An Introduction to Mormon Quotes

Hideous.  That was the one word a pastor used to describe Mormonism to me. I was giving him pointers on how to counsel a brand new Christian who happened to also be a third generation ex-Mormon.

It’s easy for those of us who work in Mormon ministries to become immune to the day to day blasphemous teachings of the LDS Church.   So when someone comes along who’s unfamiliar with the nuances and outrageous theology, their opinion always gives us a fresh take on the scenario.

This list of Mormon quotes came about by providing PSA’s for a Calvary Chapel radio station in Nebraska.  The pastor in charge of the radio ministry asked me to give a 30-90 second side by side comparison of Mormonism vs. Christianity.  This is a short list of those PSA’s.

I’ve listed the LDS reference and a biblical rebuttal for each topic.  We pray these quotes will aid those of you who are looking for ways to witness to Mormons or give you a biblical reason to leave.  With Love in Christ, Michelle …

The A-Z List

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