Love witnessing to Mormons?

If your heart’s desire is to share the gospel with the lost, and particularly to Mormons, have we got a job for you.  Life After Ministries is starting a grass roots network of ministers of the gospel and we need your help.  If we expect to turn the tide in the race to save souls, we must mobilize.  To do that, LAM needs dedicated people in your area who refuse to let the enemy steal the souls of their friends, family and neighbors.

If you are interested in stopping the missionaries before they start in your area, please send us an email at info@lifeafter.org and tell us about yourself. We will support and organize all our local area leaders into regions who will offer support and assistance to each other and assist you in networking to churches in your area.

This is a spiritual war and the enemy is not about to go down without a fight.

Sign up today to become a local area leader with LAM today!










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