Violence in Mormon History

14 May

LDS ChurchToday the LDS Church published a new essay for their Gospel Topics section they’ve named ‘Peace and Violence Among 19th Century Latter-day Saints’.

We wanted to give our readers a heads up on this so you can be informed and have a look at how the Church spins their ‘truth’, but also wanted to warn you as always…beware!

We’ll be taking a look at their new addition over the next few days and will post our findings soon!  I’ve already had to stop and take a deep breath a few times…sigh…

You can go straight to the source via the link here; Peace and Violence Among 19th Century Latter-day Saints and you can also read what the local papers for the Church had to say in the Salt Lake Trib here.

And BTW – we’d love to hear your thoughts on what they’ve said!


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