Utah Suicide and Vital Stats

“About one per day” is how a reporter for the Deseret News summed up suicide in Utah a few years ago.

My investigation about this subject over the years has my main question left unanswered; “why”. Why does Utah have a higher than average suicide rate compared to the rest of the nation if this is Zion?

If the majority of the population in Utah is LDS shouldn’t their vital stats reflect the fruit of this “one true church” that pumps the message their goal is to be happy?

Sadly we’ve discovered the fruits of Mormonism are nothing but.

You can find stats in our reports from the Utah Dept of Health, the FBI, CDC, and even Utah Dept of Education below.

2004 Utah’s Dark Reality

2006 Utah’s Vital Stats

2008 Utah’s Legacy

2010 About One Per Day

2012 The ABC’s of Utah’s Vital Stats 

2013 Suicide in Utah (update)

2014 Utah’s Suicide Rate Climbs Again (update on latest stats)

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