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08 April

This week started off with a bang, if you will.

I woke this morning to find another barrage of angry posts on the blog from a very disgruntled Mormon.

Now he’s been posting every day, several times a day, and because of his vocabulary I’ve banned his notes from showing up on the blog. Today I downloaded info from this blog and discovered this Mormon gentleman has gone to the trouble of acquiring an e-mail address with our ministry name.

I’d like to ask everyone to pray for this man as he seems to be obsessed with e-mailing spam to us multiple times each day. I won’t go into the number of times he’s tried to post comments since I banned him or how incredibly rude he’s been.

The behavior of this man is typical of a lot of Mormons we see in ministry. While the majority of LDS members are nice people, the influence of the evil one produces hatred as we’ve witnessed in this situation.

LAM BlogGoing to the lengths of obtaining e-mail addresses, e-mailing several times each day or calling the ministry line incessantly is what gets my attention quickly and quite frankly makes me nervous. This is why I have a trained Rottweiler and an alarm system.

Sadly, this person has forgotten the meaning of Christ-like behavior and isn’t exactly what the Church had in mind with their multi-million dollar ad campaign “I’m a Mormon”.

The other thing that comes to mind is the Mormon’s push of patriotism. If they’re all American why aren’t others allowed to have their own opinion without being harassed? Is it your way or the highway?

We’re praying for Brian and other members of the Church who seem to believe it’s okay to behave this way. May we remember what it means to be a Christian when those around you seem to be pushing against the gospel you’ve been told by the Lord to deliver.

The truth is that God demands righteousness and because of that He made a way for us to be righteous so that we can be with Him eternally.

A vindictive God would say my way or the highway and expect perfection from mankind who is obviously flawed.

A vindictive God would tell you that He’s sent His word and His Son for mankind to be saved and then 2,000 yrs later pull the rug out from under everyone to say “don’t pay attention to anything I’ve said previously”.

A vindictive God would want people to believe a lie from so-called prophets and ministers who are only in it for power, money and fame.

Pray, please, please pray. These are perilous times we’re living in right now. The past fifty years have seen a sharp decline in morality – and not just here in America, but worldwide.

I encourage you as a believer to stay true to Him who’s called you for a holy purpose (1 Thess. 4:7) and paid the ultimate price for your freedom (Acts 20:28). And remember, it’s not flesh and blood we fight against, but the powers and principalities of the air as Paul told us in Ephesians 6:11-12.

Be accountable to God and to other Christians. Study His word to be ready in season and out and be prepared!

With Love in Christ;

Michelle Grim

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