Tip of the Day, June 15

15 June

June 15 – Matt. 5:10; “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for their’s is the kingdom of heaven”.


Dioko is Greek for persecuted.  It means to pursue, to follow after or to press forward.  How is it that practicing polygamy in spite of breaking the law and not accepting God’s grace is considered persecution to the Mormon?  Living your religion in Mormon-talk is nothing more than polygamy.  Living out the gospel doctrine is living a polygamous lifestyle.  The Mormons claim they were being persecuted for following God when in fact they were being tossed out of town for their immoral behavior.


Gospel Doctrine, pg. 46 says; “Perhaps no people were ever more persecuted than this people would be if it were in the power of the enemy today to persecute us as it was in the power of Nero and the Romans to persecute the Saints in their day…And this is evidence to everyone that God’s Priesthood is here, that many of the Saints are magnifying their calling and honoring the Priesthood and also the Lord, both with their lives and with their substance, which are his.  Deseret Weekly News, vol. 24, pgs, 708, 1875.”

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