Thought of the day about Mormonism (Mormon Dilemmas)

23 May

It is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men:

You may not know it, but the phrase above comes from the inspired writings of Doctrine and Covenants. You will find that line of scripture in D&C 3:3.  It reads once again, “It is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men.”

I believe we can all agree with that statement no matter what camp of faith we currently call home  if God commissions something, He always accomplishes it. Of course the problem for ordinary men who claim to speak for God comes when it is time to back it up. This has indeed frustrated many men down through history and Joseph Smith has sealed his fate that he is one of them.

We read in “The Teachings of Joseph Smith,” (Pp. 10, Deseret Book Company, 1978, Salt Lake City), “As early as April, 1829, the Lord declared that many of these plain and precious saying were to be restored, not only through the Book of Mormon, but through a revision of the Bible.”  Interestingly enough, it is also written in Teachings, “However, because of persecution and a lack of financial means, this was not accomplished before his death” (IBID).

We at Life After Ministries see a clear frustration of God’s work in the above statement. It is our experience that anything God wants, he pays for. What’s more, persecution would clearly be a frustration because God did not prevent it from taking place or protect Joseph so he could complete the important work of preserving the “precious sayings.”  It is clear to us that the work of Joseph was clearly frustrated and proves once again that he is a false prophet.

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One Response to “Thought of the day about Mormonism (Mormon Dilemmas)”

  1. shematwater May 23, 2011 at 6:18 am #

    This clearly shows your lack of understanding as to the workings of God.

    The work of Joseph Smith was frustrated, at many times. The work of the Lord was never frustrated.

    It is true that obstacles prevented Joseph Smith from completing the work on revising the Bible, but he did restore many of the plain and prescious says, both in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, which is exactly what he was promised. He was never promised that he would restore all of them, only many of them. Considering the many sections of the Doctrine and Covenants that are a result of this work in the Bible, and considering the extensive revisions he did complete, it is obvious that the work of the Lord was not frustrated, for what he set out to accomplish he has accomplished.

    Joseph Smith may not have accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish, but God has, and his work continues to roll foward, and nothing you post will ever hinder that work.

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