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15 May

Honestly, is that too much to ask?

 Recently I re-watched a video that features a BYU professor named Bob Millet. In the video he’s instructing a roomful of Mormon missionaries how to only answer the questions the investigators “should have asked” and not be honest them, nor willing to supply the correct answer to their question.

As I watched this I thought about my experiences as a Mormon as I tried to share what I believed at the time was the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. When I was asked questions that made me feel uncomfortable I instantly felt an impulse to either lie or not be completely honest. I did this knowing all the while I wasn’t being straight forward with those who were asking me legitimate questions about my faith and the doctrines of my church.

Looking back I often wonder what was it about the Mormon doctrines that made me feel squeamish about having an honest discussion with someone who didn’t share my faith. I think it all comes down to me knowing deep inside something wasn’t right about these things I thought I believed were true.

As I’ve made my way out of Mormonism and into my new life as a Christian I’ve found that sharing the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t in involve the deceptive, duplicitous behavior many Mormons exhibit today when confronted with questions about their church.

As a Christian I can share the full and complete gospel of Jesus Christ without shame or fear. Gone is the feeling of holding back essential parts of the gospel because something’s considered “deeper doctrine”. That’s just one amazing part of the real gospel of Jesus Christ nothing is hidden or kept secret, it’s available to all.

Anyone who desire’s to know Jesus Christ can, anyone who wants to know their sins are forgiven can, and anyone who wants to know for certain they have a home in heaven when they die can.

In Christ,

Melissa Grimes


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