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21 November

Mormon Testimonies

While compiling some testimonies of ex-Mormons for our site it occurred to me how much the testimony of Mormons and ex-Mormons are so vastly different.  While we’ve written about this many times one significant thing came shining forth about the differences.



The testimony of a born again Christian is usually changing over time.  When someone first finds the Lord their stories are often filled with the miraculous event of that day compared with their life was beforehand.  Then as time passes by their testimony grows, their vocabulary begins to include comparisons between their personal life and characters or events in the Bible.  Their testimony includes what God has done for them throughout the years and what He’s doing in their life right now.

The Mormon testimony is the polar opposite of the scenario above.  For the Mormon their entire identity is wrapped up in being a Mormon and their conviction that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.  There can be stories and comparisons like those mentioned above, however those are few and far between; their story always goes back to events in the Church and Joseph Smith.  Their testimony is stagnant, never growing in the day to day life of personally knowing Jesus, but always doubting God’s word.  This doubt is one of the obstacles they put in the way of coming to know the real Jesus.

The Mormon testimony always has to include they know the Church is true, Smith is a prophet of God, and that Monson is a prophet of God, the Book of Mormon is the word of God, the Church is the only true church on the face of the earth…

You’ll see there is rarely any mention or evidence of how their relationship with Jesus has changed or grown over the years.  There’s no mention of how grateful they are for the assurance of knowing they’re going to heaven.  Yet I don’t know of any Christian who testifies of how true their church is – their testimonies are how they adore and worship the Lord and what a relief it is knowing they’re saved.

Pray for them won’t you?  Pray they seek out and step into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

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