Thought of the Day about the LGBT Conference and Mormonism

17 September

Steve YoungWhat are they thinking???

Clad in street clothing with temple garments securely in place underneath, Steve Young, former quarterback of the San Francisco Forty-Niners, was a keynote speaker at a conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend.

While that in itself has never caused me to take notice, this time was different. This get-together was for Mormons and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender/Transsexual (LGBT) Affirmation Conference. 

A couple of months ago the Boy Scouts of America of all things changed their rules about gay membership and one of the very first groups to stand up and applaud the decision was no less than the Mormon Church.  I said it back then and I’ll say it again – there’s something going on with the Church and their very public support of the gay agenda.

So here we are, three short months later and we’re getting a small whiff of the agenda.  If the Church can’t back those with a different definition of marriage then how will they ever be able to push their own agenda forth in the future – aka polygamy?   In other words, they have no choice, they have to back them now so they can garner empathy from the same crowd when they introduce their polygamy  agenda.

I know what’ll happen when this gets posted.  People will accuse me of intolerance, hate or of homophobia so let me just clear things up here and now.

First of all, God is still working with me. I have enough “things” in my life that could use tweaking so my need to be intolerant of anyone is pretty non-existent unless you’re hurting little kids or animals then I have an issue.

Secondly, I’m not afraid of gay or lesbian people or anyone else that feels the need to openly talk about their alternative bedroom behavior.  I’m not fond of having to listen to people talk about what goes on behind closed doors, but I’m neither afraid of them, nor do I hate them.  I’m actually friends with and have relatives who are gay.  And I can honestly say that after asking the Lord to do a complete inventory of my heart on this matter I feel confident I have no hate for someone because they’re gay. That does NOT mean I approve of their lifestyles.  I don’t believe there’s any allowance in the Bible that affords anyone to behave this way.

I’m also a firm believer there is no sin worse than another so those who do these things are still sinners just like me, just like my daughters whom I absolutely adore and just like my husband.   The behavior of gays and others is outrageous I admit, but God says He hates liars and thieves as well.  Anyone who’s never lied please raise your hand.

What I don’t understand is how high profile members of the LDS Church and the Church itself publicly endorse the behavior of these groups instead of calling them to repentance.  If you’re a Church and/or pastor, bishop, prophet or whatever you are and go about endorsing this type of lifestyle then most certainly you’re not preaching the word of God.

Furthermore, the Church has gone out of its way in the past to denounce homosexuality so I’m perplexed in their ambiguous response and outreach to them now.

My warning to the gay community – watch your back.

I’m also wondering why the Church never speaks publicly against TLC and their shows about polygamist families…and where is the law anyway?

And what do the financial supporters of Prop 8 think now?

Oh brother what a tangled web we weave…

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