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Heavenly Mother

14 January

The Heavenly Mother of Mormonism  By Melissa Grimes  One of the core beliefs in Mormonism is that not only do they have a Father in Heaven, but a Mother in Heaven as well.  This doctrine came from what they call “latter day revelation”, yet it isn’t something you’ll find in any of their extra scriptures.

Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 3

11 January

In the past six or so years I’ve written countless articles on many subjects regarding Mormonism, but there are a few subjects that continue to show up for another view and additional insight.  The subject of this article is my case in point.      The first time I wrote on this subject I received many […]

Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 2

11 January

Over five years ago I wrote an article entitled ‘Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon’.  Since then I have been asked by numerous people to write more on this particular subject so here it is!  Back by popular demand I went through my old notes and found some other names that I […]