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Mormon Dilemma 72

29 September

Mormon Dilemma 72 Polygamy, General Conference, 2nd Manifesto Journal of Discourses 23:280; “…Whatever men’s laws may be we cannot deny the truth of God, the revelations of God. I cannot do it, I would be damned and go to hell if I were to do it….” – George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake City, October 8, […]

Mormon Dilemma 67

24 September

Mormon Dilemma 67 Pre-existence and Creation of Man Today’s dilemma is quite evident for the Christians.  For the Mormons this is just another example of why there is a dilemma.  One teacher proclaims one thing and another teacher or prophet proclaims just the opposite.    

Mormon Dilemma 65

20 September

Mormon Priesthood Enlarges the Soul I’m often asked by Mormon missionaries where I get my authority from to preach the gospel.  What is so sad about this situation is the demeanor these boys come to my home with.  They’ve been taught and now believe, they are the only people with the authority to go on […]

Mormon Dilemma 47

17 August

Mormon Dilemma 47 This time we’re looking at the contradiction between: D&C 124:29-30; “For a baptismal font there is not upon the earth, that they, my saints, may be baptized for those who are dead—For this ordinance belongeth to my house, and cannot be acceptable to me, only in the days of your poverty, wherein […]

Mormon Dilemmas 1

24 May

THE 8th ARTICLE OF FAITH: THE “BAIT AND SWITCH” OF THE MORMON CHURCH Did you know that Mormon missionaries are instructed to give you a bible when they visit your home?  The Mormon Church has 13 key beliefs that it describes as their Articles of Faith. One of those is the 8th Article of Faith that reads: “We believe […]