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Teaching LDS Kids God had Sex with Mary

14 July

We’ve been republishing some older articles based on requests of readers who share the updated versions with family and friends, We pray it’s helpful to those who use them, but mostly that it brings glory to God, and puts focus on Him. Here we go! Originally published in 2014. Today’s dilemma reminded me of God’s providence.  […]

What Do Mormons Think of the Virgin Mary?

12 December

Thirty-seven. Number of people and/or books referenced in this article, ‘What Do Mormons Think of the Virgin Mary?’ Eighty-three. Number of citations you’ll find in our list for ‘What Do Mormons Think of the Virgin Mary?’ One. The number of unpardonable sins. Mark 3:28-29; “Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto […]

Mormon Dilemma 3

27 May

“Jesus was married?!”  That was part of a conversation I had with a temple worthy Mormon just a few months ago.  She explained to me that her son was being taught the LDS doctrine of Jesus being married.  It was the catalyst to bringing them out of the Church and accepting the real Jesus of […]