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Beck and the NASB Bible

24 May

After hearing Glenn Beck promoting a special kind of bible, I skimmed through the numerous websites promoting the Founders’ Bible and the ministry of David Barton, Glenn Beck’s token Christian Pastor.  The Bible is more a declaration of the holiness of the United Sates of America than a true study bible. Barton has inserted over […]

Washington Monument and LDS Temples

19 May

Oh brother.  My head tells me that people need to spiritually wake up while the empathy in my heart for these lost souls never seems to wane.  However… What is wrong with people??? Today the Salt Lake Trib posted an article on the reopening of the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital. They reported that the DC monument […]

Satan the Head of Christianity

07 October

Satan the Head of Christianity…so says the Mormon Church (Old title for this article: Mormonism and Christianity) While I was cruising around the net for some research this evening I came across an article written in the 1984 edition of Ensign. I find talks and articles like this one very telling about the Church. While […]