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The Complicated Relationship of Mormon Polygamy

29 May

The LDS Church has a few things in common with a rather obscure creature from the animal world; the chameleon. The chameleon can change colors to blend in, and they’re usually solitary creatures unless they’re seen with a group of other female chameleons. Historically speaking, the LDS Church has isolated itself from the Christian community, […]

Joe Smith Fulfilled More Prophecy than Entire World Combined

23 March

Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual, Section 35, pp. 71-72; “D&C 35:17–19. “I Have Sent Forth the Gospel by the Hand of My Servant Joseph” Elder Wilford Woodruff taught clearly how the Prophet Joseph Smith fulfilled the great prophecies of the Restoration: “Here is laid the foundation of the fulfillment of that mighty flood of prophecy […]

Mormon Prophet Says False Teaching Must Come to an End

29 February

Take Heed to Yourselves, pp. 190-191; “Every man that teaches holds a great responsibility, and he that teaches error and leads men from the path of truth is committing one of the greatest crimes that it is possible for man to commit. If he, through his teachings, is presenting false doctrine, and leading men astray […]

Mormon Descriptions of Jesus for Christmas

23 December

New Era, ‘What the Christmas Story Can Teach Us,’ December 2015; Today we’re looking at an article in the New Era, a monthly publication written to ‘enlighten and educate’ LDS youth. In this article there were several quotes given by past LDS prophets describing who Jesus is, and to say they were outrageous would be […]

What Do Mormons Think of the Virgin Mary?

12 December

Thirty-seven. Number of people and/or books referenced in this article, ‘What Do Mormons Think of the Virgin Mary?’ Eighty-three. Number of citations you’ll find in our list for ‘What Do Mormons Think of the Virgin Mary?’ One. The number of unpardonable sins. Mark 3:28-29; “Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto […]

Which Mormon Prophet is Telling You the Truth?

06 December

Topic: Qualifications to Become Sons of God 10th LDS Prophet/President Joseph Fielding Smith Doctrines of Salvation 3:250; “Now they who enter into the terrestrial kingdom, and they who enter into the telestial kingdom will not be sons of God in the sense in which this term is used here. Of course we are all the children […]

Follow the Prophet

07 November

One of the distinguishing marks of the LDS Church is the teaching that members must follow and obey their prophets. This subject matter is one of the reasons I left Mormonism. I began questioning the prophets of Mormonism in 1978 when the Church changed its mind on the race issue. Not being able to question […]