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Why Mormonism can’t Help You Improve

18 March

 Teachings of Presidents of the Church-Chapter 1; “The whole idea of Mormonism is improvement – mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually.” – Lorenzo Snow     Philippians 4:19; “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” We’re wondering why Mr. Snow thought Christianity would need to be […]

False Mormon Doctrine Produces No Assurance of Salvation

28 February

Take Heed to Yourselves, pp. 191-192; “…the man who seeks God and in the Spirit of truth, guided by the Spirit of truth, or the Comforter, and continues in God, will grow in knowledge, in light, in truth, until eventually there will come to him the perfect day of light and truth. Now, we will […]

Does Repentance Makes Man New?

03 December

Ensign, General Conference, General Priesthood Session, ‘Keep the Commandments,’ November 2015;“We have been infinitely blessed by the change that can only come through repentance made possible by the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” Our Savior died to provide you and me that blessed gift. Despite the fact that the path is difficult, the promise is real. […]