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Lies About Joseph Smith’s ‘Godly’ Lifestyle

21 September

 Relationship Between Mormonism and Freemasonry, p. 179; “From the time of his first heavenly manifestation, Joseph Smith was persecuted, reviled, ridiculed and hated.  His only friends were the few devoted men and women who recognized him in a chosen instrument, raised up by God our Father for the accomplishment of a divine purpose. Charged with offenses […]

Baptism at the Age of 8

19 September

Not long ago a Utah newspaper, the Utah Valley 360 published an article titled “Eight is great: 8 things to teach your child before baptism”. In the article the author lists 8 things Mormon parents need to teach their children about baptism before they turn eight. In this article I’d like to cover these “tips” […]

LDS: Joseph Smith is Revealer of Truth

16 September

 The Life of Joseph Fielding Smith [1972], 364;“Joseph Smith is the revealer of the knowledge of Christ and of salvation to the world for this day and generation. … I, for one, want to be numbered forever among those who seek counsel and authority and blessings as they have come from this great prophet whom the […]

Contradictions, Mormon Canon Creates Confusion for a Mormon

15 September

Today we’re looking at a couple of e-mails we’ve received on our sites. The first one is in reference to a conversation Melissa’s having with a member of the LDS Church here, on our regular site. The back and forth excuses he keeps trying to employ in his defense reminded me of a very similar […]

Other Worlds Peopled with Living Souls

12 September

 The Women of Mormondom, p. 178; “This earth is but an atom in the immensities of creations. Innumerable worlds have been peopled with “living souls” of the order of mankind; innumerable worlds have passed through their probations; innumerable worlds have been redeemed, resurrected, and celestialized. Hell-loving apostles of the sects were sending ninety-nine hundredths of […]