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“Why Mormons Don’t Practice Ash Wednesday and Lent”

13 February

Today’s post comes courtesy of an article I saw on LDS Living. I’m going to post a few highlights from the article here, and then ask questions as we go along. One of the reasons we’re highlighting this article is to provide an example of what the average Mormon thinks of non-Mormon events. LDS Living, […]

Are There Guardian Angels?

10 February

Gospel Doctrine, p. 436; “President Joseph F. Smith suggested that it is possible that our departed loved ones may be sent to help us who yet live on earth. Our fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters and friends who have passed away from this earth, having been faithful, and worthy to enjoy these rights and privileges, […]

Temple Work More Powerful Than Jesus

09 February

Ensign, ‘Come to the Temple,’ February 1995; “No work is more of a protection to this church than temple work and the genealogical research that supports it. No work is more spiritually refining. No work we do gives us more power. No work requires a higher standard of righteousness. Our labors in the temple cover […]

Is Truth Based on Feelings, or Facts?

06 February

Today we’re looking at a well known biblical verse Mormons use when testing for truth. They like this verse because according to Joseph Smith, it’s the whole reason he went to the woods to pray and ask God for help. Joseph Smith-History 1:11; “…I was one day reading the Epistle of James, first chapter and […]

Ancestor Worship or Temple Worship?

30 January

Today we’re looking at the definition of worship in three different settings. The reason for this stems from the repeated articles on LDS websites directing members to be diligent in their temple work. Two examples can be seen in the seminars they hold, and directives telling bishops to install teenagers as ‘family history consultants’ for […]

Attributes of the Holy Ghost Created in the Image of God

29 January

Key to the Science of Theology, pp. 95-96; “He is an intelligent being, in the image of God, possessing every organ, attribute, sense, sympathy, affection that is possessed by God Himself. But these are possessed by man, in his rudimental state, in a subordinate sense of the word. Or, in other words, these attributes are […]

Marriage and Procreation More Important than Jesus

28 January

1 Corinthians 8:4-6; “As concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one. 5 For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,) 6 But to us there is […]