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Visiting Teaching Message May 2015

04 May

Twice a year (May & November) the Church instructs Visiting Teachers to choose a talk from their General Conferences held the previous month (April & October) to use as a lesson for their Visiting Teaching Message. With that in mind, we chose an unconventional talk that wasn’t necessarily intended for the entire Mormon populace. The […]

Visiting Teaching Message March 2015

01 March

In the Visiting Teaching Message for March you’ll find a continuation of the LDS series, ‘The Attributes of Christ’ and this time its focus was about ‘long suffering and patient’. Dieter Uchtdorf (LDS apostle) defined patience as ‘active waiting’, ‘staying with something’ and enduring whatever God ‘inflicts’ upon us – Mosiah 3:19. Here in part […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Hosea Stout Intro

17 February

Hosea Stout abandoned his Methodist faith in lieu of Mormonism in the early days of the Church and fulfilled each and every role given to him during his 50+ year tenure. From polygamy, to the priesthood and powerful US government office positions; Mr. Stout certainly didn’t lack ambition. While participating in the illegal activities of […]

Joseph Smith’s Black Servant in Heaven

12 February

Today we’re looking at a little known event in Mormon history, the story of Jane Elizabeth Manning James. Jane was a ‘free black’ who joined the Church in the late 1830’s and ended up crossing the plains with Brigham Young’s outfit. While still in Nauvoo, she worked as a servant for Joseph Smith’s family and […]