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Witchcraft, Satanism and Christianity Compared

22 August

I’m posting this chart in response to the many e-mails I receive asking for definitions on Witchcraft, Satanism and Mormonism. This chart is part of a PowerPoint presentation I use when I’m asked to lecture at churches and schools. This chart doesn’t include the side-by-side examples of Mormon beliefs, but you can download a chart […]

Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders George Q. Cannon

10 May

George Quayle Cannon was the Church’s apostle for several of the prophets. Click here for the latest in our series on Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders. The over-riding theme in biographies written about him was how sad it was that he was forced into hiding when wanted by the feds for polygamy…it’s odd because no one forced […]

Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1887

19 February

February 19, 1887 One hundred and twenty six years ago today the US Congress passed an anti-polygamy act – two weeks later (March 3) it would be signed into law. The Edmunds-Tucker Act became the official law against polygamy in America, giving the government power to seize assets and dis-incorporate the LDS Church.  The Church’s […]