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False Prophecies in Joseph Smith’s Canon

09 September

Today we’re looking at some of Joseph Smith’s contradictory prophecies he made during his tenure as prophet which includes the Mormon Canon, and Temple Ceremony contradictions. In Mormon scriptures, the Church says yes, Adam and Michael are the same personages. In fact, they went so far as to publish and canonize Smith’s revelation about it! Their […]

False Prophecies of Mormonism

16 October

Adam was a Travelin’ Man Adam in America Doctrines of Salvation 3:74; “GARDEN OF EDEN AND CITY ZION SAME PLACE. In accord with the revelations given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, we teach that the Garden of Eden was on the American continent located where the City Zion, or the New Jerusalem, will be built. […]

Thought of the Day/False Prophecies of Joseph Smith

24 October

Garden of Eden How could the Garden of Eden be in Missouri when the Pearl of Great Price declares it was in the vicinity of Assyria with the Euphrates and Hiddekel Rivers running through it? (See P of GP Moses 3:14; D&C 116; Mormon Doctrine pgs. 19, 303; Doctrines of Salvation 3:74 and Genesis 2:8-15)