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"Smithmas"; Whom do you worship?

1000+ Reasons to Leave Mormonism

13 Articles of Faith vs 13 Principles of Faith

14 Articles of Faith

14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet

16 Points of a True Church

167 Missionary Rules

600 BC

8th Article of Faith


Adam and Eve's Sin

After Mormonism

Anti-Mormon vs. Anti-Mormonism

Apostates and the Salt Sermon



Atonement of Jesus Christ



Baptisms for the Dead


Bible Inspirations

Bible Translations

Birth of Jesus; Philosophical or Divine?

Bishop Duties in LDS Church


Bishops and Young Women

Blacks in the Mormon Church

Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Artifacts

Book of Mormon Basics

Book of Mormon Changes

Book of Mormon Inspired of God?

Book of Mormon News

Book of Mormon on Broadway

Book of Mormon Witnesses

Book of Mormon; Fullness of the Gospel?

Book of Mormon; The Trouble with the Book of Mormon

Boy Scouts of America

Brigham Young

Brigham Young's Wives

Burning in the Bosom

Caffeine and Mormonism

Capstone Conference

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Children of God

Christian or Cult?

Christianity and Mormonism



Contradictions between bible and BoM

Converting to Mormonism

Creeds of Christianity

Curse of Cain & the Mormon Church


Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 1

Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 2

Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 3

Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 4

Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon Overview

Demonic & Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon Resource

Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon 5

Denouncing Mormonism

Denying Jesus



Doctrines of Mormonism

DVD Distribution in Arizona



Easter Essays

Ed Decker

Elizabeth Smart


Ex-Mormon Testimonies


Facsimile 1

Facsimile 3


false gospel

false Mormon apostles

false priesthood

False Prophecies of Joseph Smith

False Prophecies of the Mormon Church

False Prophet Brigham Young

false prophet Joseph Smith

false prophets

Families are Forever


Firing Squad and Mormonism

First Presidency Message

First Vision of Joseph Smith


Food Storage

Foundation of Mormonism

Foundation of the Book of Mormon

Fox News

Freedom for Mormons

Furniture of the Temple


General Conference

General Conference April 2011

General Conference April 2012

General Conference April 2014

General Conference October 2011

General Conference October 2013

General Conference Talks 2010

General Research

Glenn Beck

God an Exalted Man?

Godhead of Mormonism

Golden Plates

Gospel Topics

Great Apostasy

Great Debates

Greek in the Book of Mormon

Greek in the Book of Mormon pt. 5



Harold Camping

Heavenly Mother

Heber J. Grant's Wives

Help for Mormon Friends

History of Christianity

Hobby Lobby

Holidays Celebrated by Mormons

Holy Week

How to Witness

I am a Child of God

Inspired Scripture?

Interesting Facts of the 3-in-1

Internet and Mormons

Investigating Mormonism?

Is Jesus Missing in Action in the Mormon Church



Jesus and Lucifer Brothers

Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married?

Jesus in the Book of Mormon

Jesus My Brother

Joel Olsteen and Mormonism

John Taylor's Wives

Jon Huntsman and the White House

Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith & Angels

Joseph Smith & Lucifer Compared

Joseph Smith & Warren Jeffs Compared

Joseph Smith and Harold Camping's False Prophecies

Joseph Smith and Jesus Compared

Joseph Smith Descriptions of

Joseph Smith It's all Because of

Joseph Smith Prophecies

Joseph Smith the Real Story

Joseph Smith Visions

Joseph Smith's Family

Joseph Smith's Wives



Kinderhook Plates Hoax

KJV Only or Not?


LDS Canon

LDS Church Growth

LDS Church Membership

LDS Essays

LDS Teachings Handouts

Lee Baker

Lies of Mormonism

Lifestyles of the Mormon

Light of Christ

Lorenzo Snow's Wives




Marie Osmond


Martyrdom of

Masonic Logde and Mormonism

Masonry and the Occult


Mentoring Handbook

Mitt Romney 2012

Mormon Ads

Mormon Apostles

Mormon Bible Videos

Mormon Church Structure

Mormon Clothing and Worship

Mormon Dilemmas

Mormon god

Mormon Jesus

Mormon Meetings

Mormon Missionaries

Mormon Morals

Mormon News

Mormon Pioneers

Mormon Quotes

Mormon Temple Videos

Mormon Temples

Mormon Terminology

Mormon Terminology Handouts


Mormonism a Cult?

Mormonism on 20/20

Mormonism vs. Christianity

Mormonism vs. Islam


Mormons and Defensiveness

Mormons as Good as Christians?

Mormons on the Internet


Mountain Meadows Massacre

Nauvoo Missions Reports 2


North Korea & Mormonism


Oaths and Loyalty


Passion of the Christ and Mormons

Pat Robertson and Mitt Romney

Patriarchal Blessings

PBS and the Mormons


Polygamy in Centennial Park

Polygamy in Utah

Polygamy Quotes


Prophecy and the Mormon Church


Prophets of the LDS Church

Racism in the Mormon Church

Racist Mormon Toys

Racist Remarks by Leaders in the Church

Reasons to Leave Mormonism


Resignation Letter

Restored Gospel

Romans Road



Signs of a Cult

Sinful Nature

Social Media

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand?

South Park Mormonism

Spirit Babies

Statement of Faith

Sticks of Judah and Joseph

Studying the Book of Mormon 10

Studying the Book of Mormon 11

Studying the Book of Mormon Introduction

Studying the Book of Mormon 1

Studying the Book of Mormon 2

Studying the Book of Mormon 3

Studying the Book of Mormon 4

Studying the Book of Mormon 5

Studying the Book of Mormon 6a

Studying the Book of Mormon 6b

Studying the Book of Mormon 8

Suicide in Utah

Suicide in Utah 2004

Suicide in Utah 2006

Suicide in Utah 2008

Suicide in Utah 2010

Suicide in Utah 2012

Sunday school Old Testament

Symbols of Occult on Mormon Temples

Temple Symbols and Their Meanings

Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith

Temple Ceremonies

Temple of God

Temple Ordinances

Temple Videos


Testimonies of Mormons

Testing for Truth


The Cross

The Cross and Mormonism

The Cross on the Mormon Temple

The Election

The God Makers

The Greek Psalter Incident

The Media

The Passion of the Christ and Missing Cross in Mormonism

Thought of the Day about Life

Thought of the Day about Mormonism



Video Testimonies

Violence in Mormonism

Visiting Teaching Messages

Voided Atonement of Christ?

Warren Jeffs

Why I Left the Mormon Church

Why Mormon are not Christians

Wilford Woodruff's Wives

Witnessing Tip of the Day

Witnessing to Mormons

Women and Mormonism

Word of Wisdom

Word Studies

World Religions

Worship Music

Worshipping Pioneer Ancestors

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