Signs of a Cult

Signs of a Cult

 A cult is a group that deviates doctrinally from a parent or host religion.  Cults would include Mormonism, JW’s, Christian Scientists, et al.  A cult doesn’t necessarily have to comply with each example to be a cult.

 1 – Group members give many superficial answers to direct questions.

 2 – Group doesn’t divulge monetary history or constitution of beliefs.  The average member usually isn’t privy to this information.

 3 – No sign of the cross – 1 Cor. 1:18.

 4 – They take secret oaths or there is a “swearing in” at induction ceremonies.  Oaths are taken to swear allegiance to the organization.  Hosea 10:4.

Example:  Masons call Jesus the Great Architect of the Universe.  But how great can He be if only the lodge, through the Worshipful Master, can take you from darkness to light?

 5 – Person shuns family or close friends for no apparent reason.

 6 – Group stands on one or two verses as the basis for their entire belief. – 1 Cor. 15:29 is a classic example of this in Mormonism; it’s their justification for baptizing dead people.

 7 – “Outsiders wouldn’t understand” what they’re saying.

 8 – They’re usually argumentative.  They’ve been trained to provoke the anger in you to take away their guilt.  This gives them a reason to verbally attack. (Dr. Walter Martin – Kingdom of the Cults)

 9 – They’ve been trained to believe they’re being persecuted and/or superior.

 10 – Only their organization can interpret scriptures safely and does so for the group.  However, scriptures are not subject to private interpretation.  God has never given this authority to anyone, including their prophet and/or leader. – 2 Peter 1:20-21.

 11 – Their group or religion has evolved since its inception.

 12 – Works based salvation is necessary.  Jesus’ blood atonement wasn’t enough for you to achieve salvation.

 13 – Salvation has a completely different meaning from what the Bible states.  There are different stages to salvation; location of heaven and/or “Zion” differs from the Bible and there will be secret names to be learned in order to obtain “true salvation”.

 14 – They’ll have written works they consider scripture  in addition to the Bible – Gal. 1:6-9.

 15 – They are the “only true church”.

 16 – There are marked changes in dietary and clothing routines.  Members follow dietary and clothing laws and believe these rules are part of a salvation plan.

 17 – Major doctrinal changes in belief system are not protested or questioned by members.

 18 – God speaks to their leader exclusively, who in turn will give message from God to the members.

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  1. wcs1985 February 13, 2015 at 3:32 am #

    Where in the world did you get this info? These are not facts. These are your opinions. You clearly have never been to a LDS church meeting before.

    1) I don’t even know what you’re talking about
    2)No Constitution of beliefs? Articles of Faith. Look it up.
    3) No cross because Mormons do not focus on the physical death, but the Atonement of Jesus Christ, which enables us to repent and return to live with Him.
    4) Secret Oaths? Swearing in? The “oaths” are covenants with God to serve and obey him. They are “secret” because they are held as sacred covenants, just as many prophets of old made sacred covenants with God.
    5) Person shuns family? Where are you getting this information?! Family is the most important thing in the LDS community.
    6) The LDS church does not hold baptism for the dead as the basis of their belief. The BASIS of their belief is faith in Jesus Christ, not doing baptisms for deceased ancestors.
    7) Because we all speak in tongues, right?
    8) Mormons are the least argumentative people out there. LDS Missionaries are specifically trained not to provoke arguments.
    9) Mormons have been persecuted. It’s not a belief, it’s a fact. I.E: Joseph Smith being shot multiple times by an angry mob. Early members’ houses being burned down. Is that not persecution?
    10) Scriptures are always subject to private interpretation, that is why we are all encouraged to read our scriptures in private and pray about what we think about them.
    11) This is because a fundamental part of LDS Faith is that God continually speaks to his children, and gives us all the instruction we need for our time specifically.
    12) Jesus’ atonement is everything in our faith. Without it, we cannot live in Heaven. Works and ordinances are important, too. In the Old Testament, Abraham and Moses had to make sacred covenants with the Lord. LDS members make similar covenants. Baptism being one of those. Even Jesus Christ needed to be baptised.
    13) We believe that everyone will have a chance to go to heaven.
    14) Because we believe that God continually speaks to his children through revelation. Why wouldn’t he? Do you believe that God will give us ONLY the bible? I sure don’t.
    16)”Dietary?” Avoiding alcohol or addictive substances if for our well-being and because it is obviously displeasing to God. Had anything good ever come out of addiction or alcoholism?
    17) Kate Kelly. John Dehlin. Look them up. In addition, Mormons are encouraged to ask questions.
    18) That’s what Prophet’s in the Old and New testament did. Why couldn’t God do that today if he wanted to?

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