Mormon Dilemma 97

14 November

Mormon Dilemma 97

If the following statement made by the Mormon Apostle Richard Scott is true then why are there two completely different accounts given of creation in the Standard works of Mormonism?  Here’s what he said at the October 2011 General Conference:

Because scriptures are generated from inspired communication through the Holy Ghost, they are pure truth. We need not be concerned about the validity of concepts contained in the standard works since the Holy Ghost has been the instrument which has motivated and inspired those individuals who have recorded the scriptures.

I find his comment interesting and contradictory on a couple of levels.  One, it should be noted that he is proclaiming to the world the LDS Church is accepting of the Bible when in fact this isn’t totally true.

They believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly (8th Article of Faith).  Notice how he used the phrase “We need not be concerned about the validity of concepts contained in the standard works…”

“Concepts” is the key word in that sentence.  There are a lot of churches out there today who believe the Bible is a compilation of stories teaching basic moral principles, yet they do not hold to the idea that it’s factually correct or without error.  They have a lot in common with the LDS Church…

So if we need not concern ourselves over the concepts, then why are the books of Abraham and Moses at odds with each other regarding the same subject matter?

Moses 2:2-31 sounds a lot like the creation story we find in the Bible.  It contains the basic “God created the earth and man in six days” concept.  The book of Abraham chapters 4-5 is an obvious admission to being polytheistic.  It holds sway to the theory of many gods creating the earth after a council of them decided who would do what and how they’d organize the elements to put the earth on its orbital axis.  The two stories have nothing in common other than they’re both located in the Pearl of Great Price.

So – how do you know which concept of creation is inspired of God?

Please – don’t forget to pray for the Mormon in your life!

With Love in Christ, Michelle Grim

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  1. shematwater November 15, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    They are both inspired. Abraham tells of the planning, but does not go into the actual account of the work. Moses tells of the actual work, but not of the planning. Both contain the fact of multiple Gods; Abraham in using the third person plural; Moses using the first person plural (They – We or us). The reason for this is simple: Abraham is recording a revelation in the third person, while Moses is recording the actual words of God. Abraham is explaining what he saw, while Moses is narrating what God did.

    Both accounts give us a true wealth of information concerning the process and work of Creation. Neither contradicts the other.

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