Masonic Rituals in LDS Canon

17 March

Psalms 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Masonic symbolsIf you know anything at all about Mormonism, you know the Masonic Lodge is part of the deal. While most members believe Joe Smith used to be involved with it at some level, the majority are unaware of just how deeply entangled he had become before his death.

Moreover, most Mormons aren’t aware they can read Masonic rhetoric right inside the covers of their beloved canon. And because it also goes without saying,  you’ll be sure to find Smith’s contradictory ways in the Mormon canon and his behavior. While the BoM, etc., are filled with admonitions to beware of ‘secret societies’, Smith had no hesitation in joining the ranks of the Masonic Lodge, and even used a key Masonic phrase at the time of his death. See History of the Church 4:551, History of the Church 4:552, History of the Church 6:618.

Our objective today is twofold. We want to show a list of the verses in Mormon canon that’s obviously Masonic in nature, and to provide a list of Masonic phrases so the Mormon can identify these in their canon. In the near future we’ll post a synopsis of events that were taking place in the Joe Smith era.

For info on how the Church’s sacred endowment ceremonies have been infiltrated with Masonry,  you can read a side-by-side comparison in our articleTemple Oaths Mormon and Masonic.

We found 32 verses with Masonic verbiage in the Book of Mormon, and 4 verses in the Book of Moses. There are numerous accounts of Masonry mentioned in books the Church has published, as well as magazines, and in their General Conferences. We’ve listed just a couple of books here as well.

Trust me when I say the list we’ve provided is just a small sample of all the Masonic references in Mormon literature.

In our objective to list these Masonic references, we want to be sure we don’t lose our focus on the reason why. I pray each and every day Mormons will be open to asking the Lord to speak to them personally and reveal the truth to them.

I know this actually works because of our volunteer Melissa! She and her husband Ralph were watching the History Channel one evening about 6 yrs ago, and the topic they were discussing was the secrets of Masonry. As they kept watching they suddenly realized the oaths, the phrases, and the rituals, were the exact thing they were doing in the DC temple. Melissa then contacted me just a few days later, and praise God! She and the family are now free from the lies of Mormonism! Halleluiah sweet Jesus – thank You!!!

And lest I forget – the absolute best place to retrieve anything on Masonry is from Ed Decker of course! Saintsalive/masonry

Masonic phrases include:

Secret Abominations

Secret Combinations

Secret Society/Societies

He leadeth them by the neck with a flaxen cord – 2 Nephi 26

Master Mahan – Moses chapter 5

Bands of companies

Swearing ‘by their heads’ as in Ether 8:14

Band of robbers

Secret signs, secret words – Helaman 6:21-22

Secret murders – 3 Nephi 6:29

2 Nephi

2 Nephi 9:9

2 Nephi 26:22 – Masonic oath, cable tow


Alma 37:25

Alma 37:30-31


Helaman 2:4

Helaman 3:23

Helaman 8:28

Helaman 11:10

Helaman 11:25

3 Nephi

3 Nephi 3:7

3 Nephi 3:9

3 Nephi 4:7

3 Nephi 4:29

3 Nephi 6:29-30

3 Nephi 9:9


Ether 8:14

Ether 8:18-22

Ether 8:23-25

Ether 9:1

Ether 9:6

Ether 11:22

Ether 13:18

Ether 14:8, 10


Mormon 8:27, 40


Moses 5:29, 31, 49, 51

History of the Church

History of the Church 4:551

History of the Church 4:552

History of the Church 6:618

Evidences and Reconciliations

Evidences and Reconciliations, 3 Volumes in 1, page 358

Evidences and Reconciliations, 3 Volumes in 1, page 113

Times and Seasons

Times and Seasons, Vol. 1, p. 133

Times and Seasons, Vol. 4, p. 194

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