Joseph Smith’s Questionable Activities

Joseph Smith had quite the reputation for all kinds of questionable activities.

Most know him for his many wives, but there’s also the entrepreneurial side of Joe that usually ended in disaster. We’ve created this page as a repository for many of his get-rich-quick schemes, and other ill-fated deeds.

For more info on Smith’s activities, see our page ‘Joseph Smith’.

Joseph Smith’s Bankruptcy Fraud

Smith attempted to liquidate $73,000 of debt by having the Church make him the trustee-in-trust over all church holdings. After he accomplished that, he signed over all Church assets to his own children. The next day he filed for bankruptcy.

Joseph’s plans were going smoothly until Mormon apostate, John C. Bennett, called feds to report his activities.

Would a true prophet of God commit fraud?

Joseph Smith’s Violent Behavior

A chronological look at Smith’s behavior, and the way he acted out over the years.

Joseph Smith’s Witchcraft, Scrying & Arrest 1820-1827

Just what was Smith doing from his 1st vision, to the time he received the plates? Is his story reliable?

Smith’s Scheme to Purchase Fake Plates

If the plates were real, why would Smith need to purchase fake plates to convince people his story was true?

The Occult in Mormonism & the Life of Joseph Smith

Joe Smith’s life shows a track record of witchcraft, Satanism, Astrology, and other occult practices. Is his life a picture of a man called of God or …?

Joe Smith’s Witch Hazel Rod

Covetous, Extortionary Speculating

Parley Pratt’s accusations against Smith

Mormon Dilemma 864 Kinderhook Plates Hoax

Two local citizens purchased some common tin, flattened it out with hammers, and cut it into six pieces resembling bells.

They scribbled stupid markings on them making it look like hieroglyphics, buried them in a hole along with some animal bones, and called the Mormons to come help them dig up what they believed might be buried treasure.

After digging up the faux booty they asked if Smith could translate them, and boy, did he ever.

The Greek Psalter Incident

On April 18th and 19th of 1842 Joseph Smith received a very interesting visitor by the name of Henry Caswell. Keep in mind, Mr. Caswell wasn’t your run of the mill type of fellow. He was a reverend, and professor of Hebrew and Divinity in Kemper College, Missouri.  Upon hearing about and summarily studying facts about the Mormons, he paid a visit to Joseph Smith and wrote a scathing report on his findings.

False Prophecies of Joseph Smith

Selling the copyright of the Book of Mormon was a colossal fail. Why did Smith do this if it’s a holy writing from God’s lips to Joseph’s pen? Oliver Cowdery tells of the mission to Toronto, Canada, trying to drum up money for the Church, and its newly found sacred writings.

We pray members of the Church will check out the reliable references we’ve provided so they can see how Smith wasn’t a true prophet.

Our hearts grieve for those who’ve been tricked by this man, and pray they’ll turn their devotion to Christ Jesus and Him crucified!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18