If You’re an Ex-Mormon, Why Did You Leave?

20 August

People ask me all the time why I left the Mormon Church and so I finally put an article on the site and blog answering this question.

Then I got to thinking more deeply about this question and I have to say that while my reasons wouldn’t necessarily change, there was one definitive reason that caused me to really start investigating my faith.  I’ve shared this story in my testimony, but thought I’d share it here to start a conversation amongst our readers!  And yep, it’s because I love hearing how God works!

What was the last thing that happened to make you leave?

That reason was my daughter Mallory.  While sitting at her graveside the day of her funeral the bishop told Kirk and me we’d never see her again and that she’d be given to another family in  heaven.  The reason why?  We hadn’t been married in the temple.  You can imagine the disagreements my mother and I got into over this scenario.

I look back on that season of my life and even today we still pray for Bishop Kelly.  I pray the words he delivered at Mallory’s funeral will resonate in his heart causing him to pick up the very word of God and discover what Jesus has to say about that teaching he spoke about.

We’re not mad at Bishop Kelly, on the contrary, I am indebted to God that he said what he did.  His teaching came from Doctrines of Salvation 2:56;

When a baby dies, it goes back into the spirit world, and the spirit assumes its natural form as an adult, for we were all adults before we were born. When a child is raised in the resurrection, the spirit will enter the body and the body will be the same size as it was when the child died. It will then grow after the resurrection to full maturity to conform to the size of the spirit. If parents are righteous, they will have their children after the resurrection. Little children who die, whose parents are not worthy of an exaltation, will be adopted into the families of those who are worthy.

While sitting at the grave God instilled a visual in my mind.  On one side of my head was a large Mormon temple and on the other side was the white cross that sat upon a church we lived across the street from in Germany.  For years I would just stare at that cross wondering what kind of God the Christians worshipped and why that God was so different from my Mormon god.

As I got up and left the graveyard that day I knew a choice had to be made.

If you’re LDS we want you to know we’re praying for you each and every day.  We pray you choose Jesus over a building and man-made edicts.  Only God can fill the hole in your life.  Did you know He holds each of your tears in a bottle?!

Psalm 56:8; “Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?”

Just tell Him like it is.  You don’t know how to pray and you don’t know how to do what you need to do.  Believe me, if He can hear me, He can do that for anyone.

With Love in Christ;


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  1. Henry Kessler September 28, 2011 at 8:37 am #

    And it amazing that several stories I’ve heard from Missionaries that have converted people with the promise they will be with their deceased loved ones if they join the Church.

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