People ask us all the time if Mormonism is a cult and in short we have to say yes, it is a cult. When witnessing to a Mormon I’d refrain from using that term unless of course they ask you about it.

We’ve listed a few articles in this section to explain how cults work and why the Mormon Church qualifies as such.

When I was a Mormon the term cult was highly offensive and I’d immediately cut off any conversation with people who accused me of being a cultist.  Finally after many Christians from all over the States and Europe had witnessed to me I got the courage to ask a friend stateside if I was in a cult. She asked me if I’d ever heard of the word Trinity and that’s all it took for me to finally leave.

The first article is a bullet point document I wrote while listening to an old tape of Walter Martin giving a presentation on why Mormonism is a cult. The other articles are on the behavior of other cultists who demanded blood oaths and loyalty compared with Mormonism and lastly I’ve posted a discussion I had with a group of Mormons on why they’ve secluded themselves from society with total devotion to their leader.  Their answers are sad and disturbing showing they have no concept of the true God.


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