Coincidences in Mormonism

13 July

Coincidences-In our series ‘Coincidences in Mormonism’ we’re taking a closer look at the coincidences in the Book of Mormon. Some of the stuff Joseph Smith was able to pull off defies logic. Well, okay, most of the stuff…

Here are some basic facts about the BoM and historical events that took place in Joseph Smith’s life –


There are 358 different names in the Book of Mormon


Place names of cities and large land areas in the BoM can be found on 19thCentury American maps. An excellent online resource we highly recommend is Vern Holley’s book that gives descriptive explanations of the many geographical problems the BoM is laden with.

Several names of the areas in Joseph Smith’s neck of the woods including valleys, townships, and counties from the Lehigh Valley and throughout upstate NY, are found as place or people names in the BoM.Erie Canal Info 2


Interesting to note is a map from 1797 listing an area called ‘Land of Six Indian Nations’ located just east and south of both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. This map and many others like it were readily available in stores, libraries, and any other government land holding building/businesses in the 1820’s – 1830’s when Smith lived in Palmyra, NY.


The ‘land of’ was a phrase Smith used and repeatedly attached as names to geographical locations in the BoM. See 1 Nephi intro.

One of the maps listed above is from a 1797 map of the US Mid-Atlantic region I retrieved from providing the ‘land of’ example just described.


Another interesting tidbit from the maps mentioned above is the name ‘Lehigh’.


Although spelled differently, what are the odds this word would also be the name of the patriarch from the BoM people? See 1 Nephi 1:4


In 1825 New Yorkers celebrated the official opening of the Erie Canal stretching 363 miles over upstate New York’s landscape. The canal bore 83 locks serving as welcome transportation hubs to towns  along the way, one of which was none other than Palmyra, NY; home of Joseph Smith and birthplace to the BoM. See map above for Palmyra’s locale in relation to the canal.


The Erie Canal led to an interesting, not to mention major, discovery. While sledging the bottom of the river to make it deeper for the locks, workers discovered limestone. After grinding the rock down and mixing it with water and sand, limestone turns into a natural concrete.


During Joseph Smith’s lifetime, neither concrete, nor cement were being used as home-building products. At this point in the game cement was still being used as mortar, and it most certainly wasn’t being used during the BoM era even though Smith claimed it was. See Helaman 3:7 

We found it interesting this discovery was made building the Erie Canal which sat right in Smith’s backyard. Hmmm…

What do you think? Could these four coincidences be just that; a coincidence? We firmly believe they’re of a more sinister nature. Here are two more ‘coincidences’ to ponder –


Out of the 358 names found in the BoM, 100 of them are also in the Bible.

Why are Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic names found in a document that was supposedly written in Reformed Egyptian?


Names of people have been switched and used as place names and vice versa. See Helaman 6:10 & Leviticus 18:21 as one example of the word ‘Mulek’ in ourarticle here.

We can’t believe anything outside the fact that Smith did this on purpose to draw people away from the Lord. Using demonic names and events that took place in biblical times as examples of righteousness in the BoM is nothing short of blasphemy.

Pray for those who believe this nonsense so they’ll stop and then come to a have a saving knowledge of Christ won’t you?

With Love in Christ;

Michelle †

1 Cor 1:18

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