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Marvel Not at False Apostles from 2017 General Conference

02 June

 Psalm 101:7; “He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: He that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.”  General Conference, ‘Gathering the Family of God,’ April 2017; “Today is April 1. Two days from now, April 3, marks 181 years from the day when Malachi’s prophecy was fulfilled. On that day, Elijah did come, […]

Ancestor Worship or Temple Worship?

30 January

Today we’re looking at the definition of worship in three different settings. The reason for this stems from the repeated articles on LDS websites directing members to be diligent in their temple work. Two examples can be seen in the seminars they hold, and directives telling bishops to install teenagers as ‘family history consultants’ for […]

Necromancy in Mormonism

08 November

The prevalence of necromancy in Mormonism is quite astonishing and can be seen in everything Mormons do. From Joseph Smith and the average Mormon talking to dead people to the Mormon temple endowment ceremonies; there’s always something you can spend countless hours researching. Moreover, leaders of the Church never miss a chance reminding adults and […]

What is Necromancy?

24 November

What is necromancy?   Mormon Doctrine pg. 526; “Necromancy is that form of divination which attempts to foretell the future by consultation with the dead. Sometimes the term is enlarged to include magic in general. It is and has been a common practice among apostate peoples, but the Lord calls it an abomination and expressly commands […]