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Adam Holds Priesthood – Mormon Quotes

03 February

Encyclopedia of Mormonism pg. 16; “As the first on this earth to receive priesthood keys, Adam continues to dispense authority to others and to watch over priesthood administration on the earth; those to whom keys have been given must return them or account for them to Adam…” Hebrews 7:5; “And verily they that are of the sons […]

Adam and Eve Had No Blood – Mormon Quotes

03 February; “Before the fall, Adam and Eve had physical bodies but no blood. There was no sin, no death, and no children among any of the earthly creations. With the eating of the “forbidden fruit,” Adam and Eve became mortal, sin entered, blood formed in their bodies, and death became a part of life. Adam became the […]

Active LDS – Mormon Quotes

03 February

Encyclopedia of Mormonism, pg. 14; “The religious practices of active Latter-day Saints include attendance at worship services and religious education classes on Sunday; donation of tithing and other financial contributions; service in a variety of Church callings; performance of temple ordinances on behalf of the deceased; personal and family prayer; scripture study; religious discussion with other […]