The Bible and the Mormons

07 August

bible-31As promised I’m posting some of the categories in our quotes list that stick out to me and the Bible is one of those!

I’ve listed 20+ quotes from Mormon leaders who took time out of their day to malign and discredit God’s holy word. For the life of me I’ll never understand this one.


Why do they claim to believe in the Bible if they don’t trust it?

Why do the missionaries carry the Bible around with them if their message is about Joe Smith and the BoM?

Why do I receive countless e-mails and comments on the sites accusing me of attacking the Mormons and lying about what they believe?

Why don’t they open the Bible, find a Hebrew and/or Greek Dictionary and look up the meanings of the words for themselves?

Why don’t Mormons do their homework to learn the truth about the history of the Bible?

Why don’t Mormons trust what the Bible says and trust the BoM passages that have plagiarized the Bible?

Why would a so-called prophet of God tell people the Bible is corrupt?

We’re praying that Mormons will stop and take a personal inventory of what they believe and why.

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

Bible Alone Cannot Save – Discourses of Brigham Young

Bible, BoM Authenticate Each Other –Russell M. Nelson, 2007

Bible Bashing 101, Lies about Accepting God’s Word

Bible has Errors, BoM Doesn’t – Monte Nyman, JST

Bible is Corrupt – Orson Pratt

Bible, Many Errors & Contradictions – Joseph Fielding Smith

Bible v. LDS Gospel, Mormons Reject Scripture – Jeffrey R. Holland

Bible v. BoM (BoM is best) – Ezra Taft Benson

Brigham hasn’t Read Bible in Many Years, Blind Leading the Blind

Inerrancy of the Bible, LDS Revere the Bible –

LDS don’t Rely Solely Upon the Bible – James Talmage, MWW

Miracle of Bible & Mormon’s Rejection – M. Russell Ballard, 2007

Misquoting the Bible in Moroni

More Than a Bible is Needed – 2 Nephi 29

No Salvation in Bible – Joseph Smith, Teachings

Not Necessary – James Talmage, MWW

Profits You Little – Encyclopedia of Joseph Smith’s Teachings

Rewriting God’s Word for Sunday School – Diaries of Rudger Clawson

Suffered Loss of Many Plain and Precious Things – LDS Church News

Trusting Scripture or Man – Church News, June 1992

The 8th Article of Faith: The ‘Bait and Switch’ of the Mormon Church

Uninspired from a Few Scattered Manuscripts – Orson Pratt

What Is Restoration Built Upon, Maligning Bible – Monte Newman, Joseph Fielding Smith

Woe to Bible Haters – 2 Nephi

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