Should We Believe For One More Year?

25 December

2 Timothy 1:12 ‘…for I know whom I have believed…’

stickman thinking 2A couple of weeks ago Melissa sent me a link to a Facebook post she read that posed serious questions for each of us.

Today we’re simply going to ask a few questions about the post, and also ask our readers for their opinions as well, so here we go!

The FB post originated from the LDS New Era Magazine which contained an article about the traditions of a presumably LDS family.

The tradition consists of the family who gathered around a roaring fire every year on Christmas Eve, and asked the same question each time …

‘Should we believe for one more year?’

To read the article in full, see New Era, ‘Christmas Remembered, The Bell Still Rings,’ December 1988.

Of course, this produced a few questions for us! Even contemplating whether or not we should continue to believe is tantamount to being a traitor!

Is this the type of question a true believer should be asking?

What exactly are they asking…

Are they asking if they should believe in Jesus for one more year?


Are they asking if they should believe in the Church for one more year?

Why would a true believer of ______ ask such a question? You fill in the blank. It could be Jesus, Mormonism, atheism, et al…

Now, for the question we have for our readers!

Is this a sensible thing for a Christian to do?

Would you gather around as a family to evaluate whether or not you should still believe?

How does this lead someone to be closer to the Lord?

Pray for the Mormon families who’ve implemented this into their activities in the past, and for those using it today.

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